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This footage from a security camera shows how a US tank crushes part of an Iraqi car and simply drives away.

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Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-4 1. LightAng3l commented 16 years ago

Idiots .... i hope they get killed ... :(
Picture of Napper32 achievements
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-8 2. Napper commented 16 years ago

They cannot stop, because of suicide bombers. That's why.
Picture of Wedde5 achievements
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-12 3. Wedde commented 16 years ago

Hahahah, thats funny... but I do understand them.
Picture of spook2413 achievements
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-14 4. spook24 commented 16 years ago

heh i would done the same! US marines FTW!!! :D
Picture of gwodus2 achievements

+6 5. gwodus commented 16 years ago

Wow, those idiots. I agree with LightAng3l. I wish they get killed. They deserve it. No wonder the world hates the U.S. and A. so much.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements
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-11 6. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

Of course they just drove away.. Do you really think they were gonna exchange information and just let it up to the insurance companies? :P

"Oh.. I'm so sorry, here, this is the number for George W. Bush, he will pay you for you 180 year old piece of shit car.."
Picture of nemmie29 achievements

+17 7. nemmie commented 16 years ago

But I sure hope they compensate him in some way.

If they don't they are never going to get anywhere near peace in that country.
Picture of emjaysea8 achievements

+8 8. emjaysea commented 16 years ago

Really, you hope they'll die because of a traffic accident? Looks like the Americans aren't alone in the belligerent a-hole department. But then, any rational person already knows that.
Picture of Whoohaa1 achievements

+1 9. Whoohaa commented 16 years ago

For a brief moment the tank driver and his partner discusses if they should run over the car again and again and again...
Picture of Kappy1 achievements

-2 10. Kappy commented 16 years ago

u stupid american army
Picture of slartibartfast1 achievements

-2 11. slartibartfast commented 16 years ago

No wonder the rest of the world hate the US. Hiding behind the biggest military in the world sits the biggest cowards in the universe. Scared and ignorant people do stupid things.
Picture of emjaysea8 achievements

+8 12. emjaysea commented 16 years ago

Wow. Don't like the war? Get in line with the majority of the citizens in the US. But to take a single incident, of which you know nothing other than what a single camera can tell you, and extrapolate that Americans should die from it is simply reckless, not to mention malignant. Even from what we can see from this single camera, we can tell that the little car zipped out from around a bigger car, and got hit by a slow moving tank. The accident certainly wasn't the tank driver's fault, and I doubt his or her orders would include getting out of the tank and waiting for a police officer to take a report. Get a clue. Hate America all you want, but at least try to be rational about it--god knows that's still an easy route to take.
Picture of srch4reason2 achievements

+8 13. srch4reason commented 16 years ago

It’s unfortunate that the moron in the white car couldn’t see a military convoy barreling down the road. It’s also unfortunate that his countrymen would shoot anyone who that steps out of the tank to help.
Picture of zilexa1 achievements

-4 14. zilexa commented 16 years ago

[quote]2 Posted 8 hours ago by Napper

They cannot stop, because of suicide bombers. That's why.

That's nonsense, the crash was not planned, so no bomber could have been waiting there for them to get out.

This is just so wrong. Stupid US dickheads!
Picture of mangycur13 achievements

+5 15. mangycur commented 16 years ago

TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!! Well lets all look @ the tape again!! I cant see who had the green light, but it looks like the smart ones got out of the way!! Thats why yellow means to slow down! The white car should have seen the convoy! In other countries it is always bigger vehicle (even on the water!!!) has the RIGHT OF WAY!! USA SEMPER FI
Picture of snotrrtons3 achievements

+3 16. snotrrtons commented 16 years ago

Stop signs can't stop Bradley tanks!!! Poor guy
Picture of nikgrid1 achievements

-2 17. nikgrid commented 16 years ago

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements
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-5 18. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

That "tank" is either a bradly or M113, which are both APCs.
From what I can tell, the other people in the intersection saw the convoy coming, and gave the right of way. Whilst that one guy in the white car wasn't paying attention (unluckily, a large vehicle was blocking his line of sight too).
The video also shows traffic lights in the intersection, so the light might've been green for the US convoy.
I personally think the tank crew 8-) should have done something besides driving off and leaving the poor guy to his broken car.
It doesn't set a good example as a person, or as an occapying army of your homeland. :(
Picture of Soul_Stealer1 achievements

+2 19. Soul_Stealer commented 16 years ago

I agree with BombDiggady, although judging by how quickly the white van at the top of the screen stops, I am inclined to believe the Convoy ran a Red Light, in which case, they should've done what any emergency Services Vehicle would've done and slowed down - or at least taken the intersection wider, rather than cutting so close to the front of the truck.
It is good to see that the CIVILIAN wasn't hurt in the incident although, I don't think that he will be able to blame his wife for being a bad driver ever again ;)
Picture of mrbradshaw55 achievements

+3 20. mrbradshaw5 commented 16 years ago

I can't believe that people are so caught up in their own worlds to not realize that we are at war. During WWII, in raids on Germany, did we stop to try to repair every house that was destroyed? Did the terrorists stop to try to help my brothers and sisters that died trying to save anothers life on 9/11?

We are at war, we are not over there to shake their hands and rub their balls. It is because of people like you LightAng3l that we are having such a tough time with this war. We need to win the war, then sure, let's be nice and try to help them... but let's focus on winning first!

LightAng3l, for you to wish death upon United States soldiers means that you just as well had been a hijacker in 9/11. You could have been the one to attack the USS Cole. You could have been the one to hide WMDs and gas your own people. You could have been the one to start a genocide against the Jews. You could have been the one to drop the first bomb on Pearl Harbor.

LightAng3l, there's only one thing left to say...

Move to Iraq you asshole.
Picture of Chucky14 achievements

+3 21. Chucky commented 16 years ago

It's true that the sequence doesn't look like a suicide bombers set up. However the fact that someone has a camera (CCTV or handheld) pointing at the tank, shows to me that it could have easily been a rifle scope instead. To leave the safety of the tank in an open area such as that could be fatal.
And like the guy says "we are at war..."
Picture of annejan9 achievements

-2 22. annejan commented 16 years ago

Picture of anas30012 achievements

+3 23. anas3001 commented 16 years ago

No wonder the world hates the U.S
Picture of pimpu2 achievements

-2 24. pimpu commented 16 years ago

hey mrbradshaw5, if each time there is an hijack you have to go at war to find and kill a minority of terrorist, invade a country and kill a lot of innocent, you are the terrorist ! And stop talking about 9/11, Afghanistan ok ! but Iraq has nothing to do with it... Are you going to show me a piece of evidence with a satellite view where we can't see anything and tell me that's a suicide bombers boot camp ? ... Or if it's the argument of giving freedom to people by fighting Saddam, there are a lot more countries to invade ! good luck...
PS : I don't hate US, I hate US president.
Picture of Kaki4 achievements

+1 25. Kaki commented 16 years ago

lightangel u really need to shut the hell up, those soldiers have done more to help than u ever will, they are at a war and if it was any other troops like the british, polish etc. they would've done the same, plus how do we know that the tank was operated by american soldiers?
Picture of shawshank1 achievements

-1 26. shawshank commented 16 years ago

And Americans wonder why the world hates them. Hahaha :)

Its a Bradley and a Humvee behind. Hello!!!
Who in the world operates both of the vehicle in their Army?

If it is another Army, they wouldn't invade Iraq in the first place would they? duh!
Picture of Napper32 achievements

+1 27. Napper commented 16 years ago


I meant, the marines cannot stop, because if they'd stop some suicide bomber might bomb. That's why they went nonstop. Not that the crash would have been planned.
Picture of mrbradshaw55 achievements

0 28. mrbradshaw5 commented 16 years ago

Hey pimpu, if each time the bully at school steals a kids lunch money and nothing is done to stop him... he will keep on doing it. The same goes with terrorism, if it goes unchecked, it will continue. If you knowingly harbor a murderer in your house, aren't you just as guilty as he? I never said anything about a boot camp. Yes, Iraq is know to harbor the SAME terrorist organization that attacked my country. Honestly, I could give a shit less about the democracy of Iraq. Don't mess with me I won't mess with you. And don't say all we have done is persecute and aggravate them over there. They have us by the balls with oil and we helped Osama in 1979 against the Soviet Union.

I agree that the death of an innocent person is bad, but at the same time, it is a war. Innocent death will occur. If Iraq and the Taliban had the capability to bring a full fledged fighting force to America, there would be many innocent deaths. Wait, actually they would go farther, they would be killing supporters of theirs, we buy gas right? Every one of us buys gas.

Back to the video, obviously no one was hurt. Tank big, car small. Stop. If that is enough reason to wish our troops dead... then there are certainly problems with the mind and thinking process of that individual.
Picture of NMY20 achievements

0 29. NMY commented 16 years ago

wow nice arguing :)
Picture of NMY20 achievements

-1 30. NMY commented 16 years ago

mrbradshaw5 give me a fucking break. Iraq and so called "terorists" has nothing to do with 9/11. Check the internet there's full of evidence that U.S. is responsible for that. It's all about the fucking morons who leads the country. "They know the best".
Specially for you: http://zeitgeistmovie.com/
If you watch all of it you will find 9/11 facts. The movie is in 3 parts. About Gods, 9/11 and banks.
I'm feeling sorry for those U.S. people who are blinded by their own stupidity and/or wrong information about what's going on.
I hope my sweet motherland called Latvia will never be a target for resolving some "problems".
Picture of theTruth1 achievements

-1 31. theTruth commented 16 years ago

Idiots. U.S. out of Iraq! Just imagine Iraqis in tanks in New York running over cars and driving off. Dumbasses.
Picture of drevil29 achievements

+1 32. drevil commented 16 years ago

go away .. we don't want you people on this "fun" website.

please take your flames and pointless arguments elsewhere.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

0 33. LightAng3l commented 16 years ago

Kaki .... to help you maybe ...they don't do sh*t for me .... i really don't care if they get killed ...

terrorists don't pose a threat to my country ... because we don't invade them!!! ...

and mrbradshaw5 ...chill out man :| I HATE THIS WAR ...ok ... i don't care who wins ...as long as it stops
Picture of pimpu2 achievements

0 34. pimpu commented 16 years ago

Eeeeh excuse me but what america is doing today is streghtening the hate of that terrorists (and many other people) against them, I didn't say that they(terrorist) have not to be judged and, maybe killed, but I'm not agreeing with the way of doing it. You know, there are not terrorists only in Iraq and Afghanistan, go invade Indonesia (and many other countries), they shelter also some al quaida peoples with certainly more proofs !

Well it was my last comment on this video, like said drevil, this place is for "fun" and not politics...
Picture of mozkill2 achievements

+2 35. mozkill commented 16 years ago

its just an accident. the white car couldnt see around the other truck. it may not have been a tank... it could have been some other vehicle that hit them and if it was, whos fault would it be then?
Picture of brankkoss19 achievements

-1 36. brankkoss commented 16 years ago

..stupid degeneric american idiots...i hope they get killed
Picture of sd1241 achievements

0 37. sd124 commented 16 years ago

If you notice, all the other cars are quickly moving away from the collision. They are all doing this because they too ear what the Americans fear. A suicide attack. This kind of collision is not an uncommon way to sucker the troops into an ambush. Yes, the crash sucks and what appears to be a hit and run is a little different in a world where nut cases blow themselves up to kill innocent women and children in the name of a slanted interpretation of Islam. I agree, the original invasion of Iraq was wrong but at this time, a withdrawal would only cause more harm. Please support our troops. They are only doing what they believe is best. Radical Islam hurts everyone.
Picture of sthung_kling1 achievements

0 38. sthung_kling commented 16 years ago

life is just fair!!!
Picture of IronMike3401 achievements

0 39. IronMike340 commented 16 years ago

You might disagree with the war in Iraq. As a former US Marine and Desert Storm Veteran. I salute these young men and women of Marines,Air Force,Army and Navy for defending our freedoms as I had did for them. When you speak of how other countries hate us thats not necessarily the truth. Some people actually respect the US Troops for what they are doing but you must also realize yes we are in their country and we are occupying it, granted that will cause tension in any place in the world. But you hardly ever see the good side of war, you can blame the media for that part. Now back to the Video at hand was the Bradley at fault NOPE was the white car at fault no its called a accident. No one was killed during this accident so lets move on people.

Carry on.

Semper Fidelis
Picture of yourmum35 achievements

0 40. yourmum commented 16 years ago

So those are the kind of people the US puts in their army. Do they still wonder why everyone hates them or have they figured it out already?
Picture of Kaki4 achievements

0 41. Kaki commented 16 years ago

please do u think the non-american troops in iraq hate the american troops as well? it's u ignorant european lazy fucks who got nothing to do but start shit with americans online
Picture of OwenRay43 achievements

0 42. OwenRay commented 16 years ago

they've got orders to keep driving and don't stop..
cause it's to dangerous to stop...
the driver should've watched out better.. cause it's known that they don't stop...
Picture of Borateen2 achievements

0 43. Borateen commented 16 years ago

This is called "direct violence" - which is apart of the greater "structural violence"

Picture of reneaernds2 achievements

0 44. reneaernds commented 16 years ago

oeps i did it again
Picture of badpup2 achievements

0 45. badpup commented 16 years ago

Looks like a accident to me. Dont think it was planed. Not much the tanker could do after it happend. At least he backed off the car he could have just keeped on going right over it. Also any military convoy, Allways has the right of way. even in the USA. I am shure it was properly reported and dealt with. As far as the so called war goes. Its not a 9-11 thing its not even a american thing. Just like his daddy before him. Its a Bush thing. Power, Money, Oil, & Revenge for Sadam takeing the oil from the big oil corps in the first place. Remenber were the Bush family fortune was made. In Oil. Sadly the american people are stuck with it. Just as you are. So do not hate american people. Dont wish for the tankers death. we dont have much more control over this stuff, Than you do. :(
Picture of DeadMix2 achievements

0 46. DeadMix commented 16 years ago

I agree with badpup, for the most part. We, the American people, were conned into an invasion of Iraq. Please don't hate us, and please forgive our army, they're just doing what they do best, and that's what they're told.

Although you're totally free to hate Bush. He's fair game.

Now, past politics and onto the vid. Yeah, that vehicle is an APC, which stands for "Armored Personnel Carrier," for those who don't know. That means there could be more than just a couple guys driving that thing, there could be quite a few more, and they've got to be somewhere as quickly as those treads can carry them. But they should have taken that turn wider. Just a little more to the right, and the driver of the car would have had a bad scare, not a totaled vehicle.
Picture of Hdizzinyawg4 achievements

-1 47. Hdizzinyawg commented 16 years ago

You guys are all pussy ass bitches. You've probably never even held a real gun before. I support the troups 100%. Fuck you democratic/liberal pussies.
Picture of Airborne802 achievements

-3 48. Airborne80 commented 16 years ago

Siton yurlittle Eurotrash coch in your little Eruotrash world and judge th vary people who keep yourworthless sses alive hahahaha. Hey Americans!!! Wake up!These weak, pathetic Eurotrash pricks hate us because they knw that without us, they would be speaking German hahha. Thekn tha without America, they would be filld with Muslim seed.... hahahah. Dont let it get you down..... th worthlss little crodes that dont matter in the world, will always hate the top dogs!!! They know that we will neve bend ovrlike they did for Hitler.
Picture of treesmoker081 achievements

0 49. treesmoker08 commented 16 years ago

all i have to sat on the matter is this:

they couldnt just stop and try and help the man because they were most probably given orders to carry on.

war isnt great but like sd124 says in post 37. we live in a world where people do some crazy things that can harm alot of people and if an invasion is needed to stop these people then i agree that it was the right thing to do. THAT IS MY OPINION!

Im English and i fully support every soldier (whatever the nationality) that is helping us bring this radical way of thinking to an end. although many people think otherwise, we are actually trying to help these people.
Picture of itsafake1 achievements

0 50. itsafake commented 16 years ago

Blatant FAKE a real american wouldn't have reversed of the car and gone round
Picture of superdave11 achievements

0 51. superdave1 commented 16 years ago

I don't want the soldiers to die like some other idiots have said. However it gives you an idea of why everybody hates us! What would we have done if it were Iraqi soldiers driving the tank?
Picture of czarnian10 achievements

-1 52. czarnian commented 16 years ago

idiot soldiers.....
Picture of theN1NJ41 achievements

0 53. theN1NJ4 commented 16 years ago

wow guys. they should die because they accidentally ran over that guy's car and couldn't really do anything to compensate? you guys are way more sick than how you made these guys out to be! what would you do, get out of your tank and exchange insurance information? they probably had orders or who knows, maybe they did contact someone or something to compensate cause they couldn't stay there. its so easy to sit at your computer and type about how stupid someone is (or an entire country) when all you know is what you saw in a few seconds of video. "i hope they get shot". unbelievable. sometimes i wonder if people just bash on americans to cover their own asses. accidents happen all the time, dont make ridiculous assumptions from watching a 46 second vid.
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

+1 54. Maffis commented 16 years ago

lol nice video
Picture of trav10855 achievements

0 55. trav1085 commented 16 years ago

I understand their position, they can't compensate them. If they stopped and get out they're in danger of bombers.
Picture of Dadiko197610 achievements

0 56. Dadiko1976 commented 14 years ago

#48 Learn your own language first, then comment on Europeans...Oh yeah,thanks for the help in WW2 AT THE VERY END...
As for the video...It was an accident...Did the soldiers react properly?Perhaps not, but let's not forget that soldiers operate by orders...You DO NOT DO something if you are not ordered to...Stopping after the accident in war makes you target... Simple as that...
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+4 57. PortugaL26 commented 14 years ago

Collateral damages
Picture of Sin_iZ37 achievements

+2 58. Sin_iZ commented 14 years ago

Fuk war and fuk people that dont give a fuk about other fuking people...

.... Fuk..
Picture of Kytyzow40 achievements

+2 59. Kytyzow commented 14 years ago

#6 old = shit?
Is an 180 years old wine shit too???
old ≠ shit! You arrogant asshole!!! He/She worked hard for this car!!!
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

0 60. Teqskater commented 14 years ago

Those people who's car is destroyed can simply go to the us base and get some money for their car. But...maybe it's far away from there :)
Picture of oregonn8tive26 achievements

+2 61. oregonn8tive commented 12 years ago

Sorry about that.

Please get your compensation from your government out of the BILLIONS of dollars they have stolen to line their own pockets.