Kara by Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream, the developer behind Heavy Rain (and Indigo Prophecy), showed off a spectacular demonstration of graphics and motion capture running on Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

The prototype was running in real-time on the PS3.

This is not part of a game... sadly.

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Picture of Acquiesce36 achievements

+51 1. Acquiesce commented 8 years ago

Scary future :O
But amazingly done! :o)
Picture of FishPowa52 achievements

+6 2. FishPowa commented 8 years ago

I've read that the "Heavy Rain"-makers are going to use this engine for their new games. I haven't played "Heavy Rain", but i've read that the emotions aren't realistic. I hope it is fixed with the Quantic engine.
Picture of LaoMa28 achievements

+23 3. LaoMa commented 8 years ago

Wow! Just... wow! :O
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+6 4. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

I wonder if I will be able to buy a Kara in the near future.
My wife has been missing for over a week ,and the police said to
prepare for the worst. So,just in case I went down to Goodwill to get all of her
clothes back. >:)
Picture of Ikke14 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 5. Ikke commented 8 years ago

Short hair, small boobs and not a cutiest face... I would fire the designer from my Sony-android factory. I bet Honda will manufacture "better" model :).
Picture of kekke200037 achievements

+46 6. kekke2000 commented 8 years ago

I got stuck at "entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner" :x
Picture of wigglle22 achievements

+8 7. wigglle commented 8 years ago

Nicely done ! Big up!
Picture of Break-a-leg27 achievements

+10 8. Break-a-leg commented 8 years ago

Besides the amazing graphics, it makes me ponder about what the future of AI will be. If a computer would indeed be able to feel, to think, in other words, to be. What does that imply?

Can we just disassemble such a computer, thereby killing the "soul" inside? Would that be murder? I can hardly call it an innocent deed, comparable to breaking apart your home computer because it doesn't work the way you want it to.
Picture of Teqskater32 achievements

+3 9. Teqskater commented 8 years ago

#8 I think that's ok to think about but to far away to judge about. I think no one can answer that question. But i think everyone can try. In the end it just doesn't matter. We can't predict the future accurately.
Picture of dukasu23 achievements

+8 10. dukasu commented 8 years ago

Actually this scenario is very frightening. If we have enough empathy to do what this guy just did, then we can end up in apocalyptic future of Terminator (movie) scenario. Just think. But development of AI, of this magnitude is inevitable.
Picture of nokster57 achievements

+9 11. nokster commented 8 years ago

Hope they make a movie about this!!!
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

+5 12. cyberdevil commented 8 years ago

Like Ghost in the Shell and I, Robot combined. Really cool graphics too.
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+6 13. WildMonkey commented 8 years ago

Our behavior, our concept of self, our drivers and motivators are all based on our biology our physiognomy, *when* AIs reach the level of human intelligence (and beyond) their innate behavior will be radically different and totally inconceivable to us because they won't be living purely in a tangible reality. So my point is I doubt they will be emotional like this sobbing demonstration.
Picture of Saxxoo39 achievements

+3 14. Saxxoo commented 8 years ago

nicely done.

next step Terminator... >:)
Picture of cranky40 achievements

+3 15. cranky commented 8 years ago

Reminds me a little of the music video for Björk – All is full of love
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+7 16. etplayer commented 8 years ago

If they *don't* make a game out of this, they are fools.
Picture of SupremeNomNom19 achievements

+3 17. SupremeNomNom commented 8 years ago

wow that was outstanding Oo
Picture of orion27 achievements

+2 18. orion commented 8 years ago


Similar setting than Bicentennial Man and AI.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+1 19. moskwiz commented 8 years ago

Still it's outdated.. how long will the consoles limit the software for, it should be the other way around!
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+3 20. loadrunner commented 8 years ago

They should make it a movie.
Picture of Heun24 achievements

+5 21. Heun commented 8 years ago

#12 I thought about Ghost in the Shell as well. Thought provoking movie... same with the video, nicely done :)
Picture of 9grovere31 achievements

-2 22. 9grovere commented 8 years ago

pretty much i robot. yawn... bring on the thumbs down
Picture of prekazi36 achievements

+2 23. prekazi commented 8 years ago

I like it.
Picture of cranky40 achievements

+1 24. cranky commented 8 years ago

Maybe it's going to be a relevant movie by James Cameron http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0437086/
Picture of rufinus35 achievements

+1 25. rufinus commented 8 years ago

where do i need to sign to get one ?
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+2 26. Sizzlik (admin) commented 8 years ago

Here is a comparision of Heavy Rains Tech demo and Kara (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW92ilU_CWc)..of course those are not high end quality graphics..but thats not what its about..its about posibilitys of facial expression and emotions..generated on-the-fly with easy mo-cap using image metrics (http://www.snotr.com/video/2939/Image_Metrics) ..and most important..those images arent pre-rendered like a video..its real-time processing on the console.

(here is also a nice example of Image Metrics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOTtJ0LV-N8 )
Picture of Mr8uck371 achievements

-3 27. Mr8uck37 commented 8 years ago

The thing to remember with all these "tech demos" is that they are all prerendered cutscenes. Show an actual realtime, GAMEPLAY demo, not just a clip thats been super-polished on computers that Warren Buffet couldn't afford. :P
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 28. Sizzlik (admin) commented 8 years ago

#27 That is the point of quantics tech demos..those arent pre-rendered cutscenes...those are processed in realtime..just like a gameplay video
Picture of valerion21 achievements

+1 29. valerion commented 8 years ago

It would be wonderful if i got to see AI similar to this before i die. No one could imagine a world with machines, spacestations or the WWW 30yrs ago, but here we are. With the evolution of technology going this fast, who knows what will be in 20yrs.
I guess that's what they said 20yrs ago as well. Amasing!
Picture of ynzevanaken7 achievements

+2 30. ynzevanaken commented 8 years ago

I am silent. :-)
Picture of Unknown37 achievements

+1 31. Unknown commented 8 years ago

Ihe guy who buys that "pleasure droid" will be in for a big surprise.
Picture of ynzevanaken7 achievements

+3 32. ynzevanaken commented 8 years ago


Tears from Kara,
fears from her mind.
Feelings from Kara,
peelings from her kind

Ripped into parts,
stripped and returned.
Put again together,
would they be earned?

Just Ynze
Picture of RandurSource56 achievements

+1 33. RandurSource commented 8 years ago

This was very real and emotional.

There is also this old movie (1999), talking about the same issue: Bicentennial Man
"One robot's 200 year journey to become an ordinary man"