The most spoiled girl in the world?

Seeing this makes you long for the good old days when parents disciplined their children with baseball bats ;)

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Picture of smartpatrol8 achievements

+25 1. smartpatrol commented 16 years ago

This is onefucked up family
Picture of smartpatrol8 achievements

+18 2. smartpatrol commented 16 years ago

How can you make a mistake with cereal LOL
Picture of crispychicken18 achievements

+10 3. crispychicken commented 16 years ago

hey mom, you look like Herman Munster!
Picture of skodder29 achievements

+7 4. skodder commented 16 years ago

lam speechless :O
What a spoiled girl, didn't know it could be possible.
Btw. Greet subtitling :D
Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements

+9 5. AL7AIR commented 16 years ago

Spoiled girl? Spoiled sparkling brat, you mean? >:)
Picture of mangycur13 achievements

+4 6. mangycur commented 16 years ago

They should do something about her LISP! I SAAWWT I SSSAW A PUDDY TAT!!
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+3 7. Aliquantulus commented 16 years ago

I bet if you had sex with the daughter you would feel like a necrophiliac.
There's nothing except her lisp to determine if she's alive or not!

This can't be true. It simply can't be true. At worst she's weird and the editors have done this for funzies..
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+2 8. croclacrimae commented 16 years ago

holy sh*it this can't be real
Picture of Atkinc08819 achievements

+2 9. Atkinc088 commented 16 years ago

Paris Hilton wannabe
Picture of Friendlysoul42 achievements

+4 10. Friendlysoul commented 16 years ago

I dont even think Paris Hilton is that awefull...
Picture of striker5781 achievements

+4 11. striker578 commented 16 years ago

When she gets banged and knocked up she'll be clueless and just plain UGLY like her mom and dad.Somebody should have kicked her parents asses soo hard when she was little. I can see that girl after they kick the bucket, turning TRICKS so she can buy fried chicken and a box of Capt. Crunch LOL stupid parents :*
Picture of Kaki4 achievements

-1 12. Kaki commented 16 years ago

the caption frigging killed it
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+2 13. Noobeater commented 16 years ago

This is the girl I will own as my pet slave after the 2012 catastrohpe. Anyone got her number?
Picture of yomomma2 achievements

+2 14. yomomma commented 16 years ago

It's parents like these that make my generation a joke. Thanks a lot!
Picture of Napper32 achievements

+2 15. Napper commented 16 years ago

Well well, I guess she will learn something about life in future.
Do U think those parents realize what they're doing to her?
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+2 16. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

Holy crap, that girl is sooo spoiled, it's not even funny :P
Picture of arsey8 achievements

+1 17. arsey commented 16 years ago

OMFG !! ?? WTFBBQ!!!!!one1!!11
Picture of mangycur13 achievements

+2 18. mangycur commented 16 years ago

The other gift that keeps on giving under the tree is Syphilis :(|) FUNKY MONKEY LIPS!!!
Picture of gavblade854 achievements

-3 19. gavblade85 commented 16 years ago

Wow, she's hot!! :D:D
Picture of GREGMBM1 achievements

+2 20. GREGMBM commented 16 years ago

Picture of snotrrtons3 achievements

+2 21. snotrrtons commented 16 years ago

Poor pops, in a trance by the suckubus.
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

-4 22. zerorain commented 16 years ago

at least shes not a total bitch.... >:)
Picture of makmak1 achievements

+3 23. makmak commented 16 years ago

what a sad family...
Picture of guichou26 achievements

+4 24. guichou commented 16 years ago

This is the world we live in.. I fell scared...
Picture of oswi502 achievements

+4 25. oswi50 commented 16 years ago

Kill it before it breeds!! :)
Picture of Saberhagen657 achievements

+3 26. Saberhagen65 commented 16 years ago

i have to say. god i'd love to see my dad beat the shit out of her if she ever did a family switch she'd probably wouldn't even be able to understand him with his thick irish accent. I on the other hand would force the other family to buy a car and take it back as a prize (i do realize the irony)
Picture of bachelorette1 achievements

+2 27. bachelorette commented 16 years ago

shes just an actress, right?
no one in the world can be THAT self absorbed. Not even Miss Hilton.
but just think, one day she'll sag or get terribly burned in a house fire and her looks will fade and she'll have no personality and nothing going for her. :|
Picture of bachelorette1 achievements

+3 28. bachelorette commented 16 years ago

hang on... hang on...
"pageants define me as a person."
so you're just a big tacky display of "world peace" wishing girls in bathing suits?
oh, wait, yes you are.
Picture of Leducdor1 achievements

+2 29. Leducdor commented 16 years ago

This is absolutely hilarious. Someone spent some time putting this spoof together, and it is a great riff on American life. You have to love it, and the actors are great. I especially loved the line, "Pageants define my life." 5*s for this one. On the other hand, if it happens NOT to be a spoof, that is even better - what a comment on 21st century values.
Picture of strum2 achievements

+2 30. strum commented 16 years ago

That can't be for real... Aren't they actors ?
Nice representation of self american confidence and proudness...and damn stupidity.
She must have the IQ of a broken dish-washer...
Feel sorry for these poor americans.
Picture of keyshey26 achievements

-1 31. keyshey commented 16 years ago

the mom looks like a monster! >:)
Picture of blackflag19813 achievements

+2 32. blackflag1981 commented 16 years ago

Little bitch hope she gets raped by a big black guy.
Picture of nutsoswit1 achievements

+2 33. nutsoswit commented 16 years ago

She can't be real. She looks like a character from a teen flick!
I've seen parents spoil their kids but not as extreme as this one.
Picture of woohzal1 achievements

+3 34. woohzal commented 16 years ago

Shallow as an oil slick and twice as dangerous.

If she had a brain that is, so forget dangerous and put annoying or just bloody ridiculous in it's place.

She can "feel sorry" for all the people out there that aren't gorgeous, who gives a rat's ass. At least the "ungorgeous" people
live real lives.

We the people, find you and your parents PATHETIC .
Picture of bnbs1 achievements

+1 35. bnbs commented 16 years ago

Unbelieveable and yes, the mom looks like Tammy Faye did though Tammy Faye was a good person. These parents will be sorry when their cardboard daughter gets older and loses her looks. They will be left with nothing to worship. Remember the old saying, what goes around, comes around?
Picture of bloodgulch5 achievements

+1 36. bloodgulch commented 16 years ago

wtf is with them
Picture of bloodgulch5 achievements

0 37. bloodgulch commented 16 years ago

nice of you to add comments in the vid :D
Picture of DeadMix2 achievements

+1 38. DeadMix commented 16 years ago

My god...I really don't believe it...her HOMEWORK?? Seriously? The universe is unraveling around me!
Picture of DeadMix2 achievements

+2 39. DeadMix commented 16 years ago

It just hit me! What if you had to EDIT this footage yourself?? Holy fuck! RIOT IN THE NEWSROOM.
Picture of jenarmywife17 achievements

+2 40. jenarmywife commented 16 years ago

"the popular ppl make it in the world" - yeah with the no skills and discipline that you've taught her, she'll go real friggin far, way to go parents, way to contribute to the decline of modern civilization. :|
Picture of densi2 achievements

+2 41. densi commented 16 years ago

What a disservice they have done to her. All people are selfish but this kid takes the cake. Its sad to think that my kids will grow up in a world where people like her exist.
Picture of poobaire4 achievements

+1 42. poobaire commented 16 years ago

whatever, listen all of these shows are staged - wait. im not saying this corpse is entirely normal and ALIVE even, but they exaggerate everything just to sensationalize and sell the idea.

i mean they gotta make it extreme specifically for americans and their pea-sized brains (not all of them but the retards that watch these shows) they watch these shows because theyre simple and easily entertained, be it by stupid ass "reality" tv shows music videos, the fucking news. its all engineered for people who they are afraid might lose their attention.

like i said, whatever
Picture of Riska1 achievements

+1 43. Riska commented 16 years ago

what the ... ?! now that is sad.. :'( horrible.. and waaaaaaaaay to idiot!! :O
Picture of ultrafox691 achievements

+2 44. ultrafox69 commented 16 years ago

Send her to me and she will sing another song in 24 hours or less.
Picture of di22y1 achievements

+1 45. di22y commented 16 years ago

That girl betta make a lot of money or shes in big trouble.
Picture of treeforest7 achievements

+1 46. treeforest commented 16 years ago

:| I'm with #'s 7 & 21 and everyone else who thinks this is a put-on. On the other hand...(self-censored)
Picture of Wolfwitch5 achievements

+1 47. Wolfwitch commented 16 years ago

Oh my God!!!!! :(|) if you have so much money just give them to me!!!! :D i need them more!!!! That girl will NEVER make it on her own in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The preacure princess, guess she havent experinced a lot from real life!!!! She will go into shook when her parents die!!!!!!
Yes your hear is blond but they dont meen your hear!!!!! >:)
Picture of mice21 achievements

+1 48. mice commented 16 years ago

such a shame on the mankind.... this fucking object of... hate.
Picture of reaper_6663 achievements

+1 49. reaper_666 commented 16 years ago

damn i'm gonna throw up...
Picture of mice21 achievements

+2 50. mice commented 16 years ago

Picture of hwallbanger2 achievements

+1 51. hwallbanger commented 16 years ago

this has to be a joke. i hope it is. brilliant. why didn't i think of this first?
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+1 52. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

oh shit. that chick is not capable of survival alone in any situation. without momy no one even would clean her ass.
Picture of ANDiTKO1 achievements

+1 53. ANDiTKO commented 16 years ago

This bitch can't even talk.And she is really ugly! :D
Picture of Verkins3 achievements

+1 54. Verkins commented 16 years ago

M halfsister in law (???) is almost like that, no kidding.
Picture of Xillionous15 achievements

+1 55. Xillionous commented 16 years ago

Wow, I wonder what she gets for Christmas then...
Picture of Onyx084 achievements

0 56. Onyx08 commented 16 years ago


Clearly delusional family in need of serious treatment and a good dose of reality!!

but #50

No matter how much you hate someone, your comments are disgusting and so are you.

You only make yourself worse then what it is your hating.

I tire of peoples using the word "RAPE" at will.

Rape is only second to murder, perhaps you should remember this next time you choose to say you want to "Rape" someone or that someone should be "raped"

Peace out!
Picture of Onyx084 achievements

+1 57. Onyx08 commented 16 years ago


its not real :P

it's obviously a piss take
Picture of Onyx084 achievements

+1 58. Onyx08 commented 16 years ago

omg it is real!! ,
Picture of a-pedestrian6 achievements

+1 59. a-pedestrian commented 16 years ago

is this why the rest of the world hates us? :|
Picture of montypython30 achievements

+1 60. montypython commented 16 years ago

OMG!!! Runner-up for Paris Hilton's BFF show. . .
You're ALL Wrong, except for #18's post. . .LOL
Picture of ubuntuchick5 achievements

+1 61. ubuntuchick commented 16 years ago

What happens when her ass starts to sag, her perfect tan turns orange, and she looks about as fresh as a rotten apple? Her pretty little world will crumble all around her empty little head.

Forget mind control, the only thing this hoebag has to worry about is ferrets building a nest in her head.

She's about as vapid and moronic as they come.

I could go on and on about how her parents have ruined this bitch for life. Seriously. When that whore gets thrown out into the real world, she's gonna be in for a rude awakening.

If I ever see her, I'll be sure too dump my Starbucks all over her shiny, bubbly, blonde self.


Co si? dzieje, gdy jej ty?ek zaczyna si? ugina? si? jej idealne tan w??cza pomara?czowe, a ona wygl?da jak ?wie?e temat jako zgni?e jab?ko? Jej do?? ma?y ?wiat b?dzie wykrusza? wszystkich wokó? niej troch? pusta g?owa.

Zapomnij o kontroli umys?u, jedyn? rzecz?, tym hoebag musi martwi? si? fretek budynku gniazdo w g?owie.

Ona jest jak nudny i krety?ski jak one pochodz?.

Móg?bym pój?? na temat, jak i na jej rodzice maj? zrujnowany tej bitch do ?ycia. Powa?nie. Gdy zostanie rzucony kurwa, ?e obecnie w ?wiecie rzeczywistym, she's gonna be rude w na budzenie.

Je?li kiedykolwiek j? zobaczy?, I'll be pewno zbyt zrzutu mojego Starbucks ca?ej jej b?yszcz?ce, szampan, blond siebie.
Picture of vgsr31 achievements

+1 62. vgsr commented 16 years ago

If you believe in reincarnation...
Shes gonna be a hot air filled balloon.
With a sparkle.
Picture of jeremydoc31 achievements

0 63. jeremydoc commented 15 years ago

window tinting business? HAHAHA.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+1 64. imagic commented 14 years ago

give her everything she want, every day.
oh so far the beautygirl.

now what the rest of the world wants, give someone a gun and shoot this family.
Picture of BongRipsForUSA16 achievements

-3 65. BongRipsForUSA commented 14 years ago

yea i'd pee in her butt >:)
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

+1 67. Hellion1982 commented 14 years ago

This Girl in NOT going to age gracefully.
Picture of MAXDIESEL10 achievements

+2 68. MAXDIESEL commented 14 years ago

Hey ive got a gift to put under that christmas tree! Its the back of my hand bitch!!! Go vacuum.
Picture of GoFr3t15 achievements

0 69. GoFr3t commented 13 years ago

Show this to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, they will destroy her!!