Underwater Missile Launch

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Picture of etplayer35 achievements

+7 1. etplayer commented 10 years ago

Beautiful, if taken as just an image, but you always have to remember the backstory on something like this. :(

Where did they go?

How many people did they kill?
Picture of rascha35 achievements

+29 2. rascha commented 10 years ago

On mart 1999 , Serbia was bombarded by NATO with this kind of bombs and much more...... I want no one to experience what we are survived...
Picture of marx001234 achievements

+2 3. marx0012 commented 10 years ago

true, but a few rotten pieces of fruit made that happen for all in the serbian fruit basket i am sorry to say....... no offense man.... ( means there were a few individuals who have this upon them selfs and others (innocent) people by being mean to yet other people)
People like yourself became caught in the crossfire because of this...............
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

+11 4. Burimi commented 10 years ago

#2 I'm not sure that they use such missiles, but anyway can you answer me;WHY THEY BOMB YOU?

Me to I want no one to experience what my people Kosovar Albanians survived during the war when they were expelled from their homes, killed, raped etc etc.
Also Bosnians and Croatians suffered in same way from same neighbour!!!

I wish no wars will happen anymore.


Picture of mowglji38 achievements

+2 5. mowglji commented 10 years ago

the biigest question is why they bombed Serbia when they knew there is on OIL?
Picture of kirkelicious44 achievements

+6 6. kirkelicious commented 10 years ago

Can somebody explain whats the point of first dumping the missile into the water. Is it safety?
Picture of rascha35 achievements

+2 7. rascha commented 10 years ago

#4 You missing the point....Kosovo is Serbian grand ad will always be.....Come in Belgrade and I will explain to you why they bomb us....

I invite all people who know Serbia and Serbian people from BBC, CNN, SKY etc to come in Serbia and get they one opinion ....
Neighbors ???
Last NEW YEAR in Belgrade was almost 15.000 Slovenian, Croatians...
EXIT festival in NOVI SAD - over 40.000 people ( half of that was strangers)
and much more....
Picture of Burimi59 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 8. Burimi commented 10 years ago

#7 wow you impress me with exit festival. No No Kosovo is independent and will always be, dream on!

Come in Kosovo and see the barricades that your people use since the war in Croatia and Bosnia BARRICADIADA the same brand from Millosevic time.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+3 9. ughlah commented 10 years ago

And so the war continues in the heads of thepeople, as NATO stopped them from killing each other. I fully appreciate the Intervention, but in the whole region people still have unresolved issues with each other. Bosnians, serbs, macedonians, the greek and the turkish as well.

From the serbian point of view albanians came over the border, a big part unwanted and illegal immigrants, settled in Kosovo and after a few generations with a child average of 7+ made up for 90% of the population and claimed the land to be independent.

From the kosovar albanian point of view an superior army attacked them ruthlessly, slaughtered, raped, before they got stopped.

The only good thing is that it seems recently everyone is becoming part from a new culture, where differences such as nationality matter fewer and fewer and the younger generation has fewer problems with each other.
Picture of rascha35 achievements

-3 10. rascha commented 10 years ago

#8 It will be Serbian....some time....I know it and you to....
For your information I was on Kosovo, and I will go again...but I don't think that you have guts to come in Belgrade ...
Picture of prekazi36 achievements

-1 11. prekazi commented 10 years ago

No comment
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements

0 12. Tehrasha commented 10 years ago

#6, I believe this is testing for submarine launched missiles. Submarines are typically do not like to give away their locations for anything, even for testing.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

-1 13. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

#1 Yes they kiled people with this missile, or a missile like this

But on the other hand, if they killed one bunker containing chemical weapons how many people would they have saved on the other side?

I think it is a very hard choice to kill 50 people with a missile, in order to save 500 who are not killed by the weapon which is blown away. We all know it is not the best way to do it.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+9 14. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

About the missile.....FYI (i)

RPK-6/-7 (SS-N-16 'Stallion'/(86R, 88R and 100RU Vodopad/Veder) (Russian Federation), Offensive weapons

Short-range, ship- or submarine-launched, solid-propellant, single-warhead, anti-submarine missiles.

Little is known about the development of the RPK-6/-7 missile systems. RPK-6 reportedly entered service with the Russian Navy in 1981 and was believed to be a further development of the RPK-2 (SS-N-15 'Starfish'), in order to produce a torpedo delivery weapon similar to the US Anti-Submarine Rocket (ASROC), but fired from ships and submerged submarines. It is reported that other Russian designators for the system were 86R (RPK-6) Vodopad/Veder, for an improved version 88R (RPK-7) Vodopad/Veder, and for the latest version 100RU Vodopad/Veder. The NATO designator was SS-N-16 'Stallion'. The RPK-6/-7 missiles are believed to have been deployed in Typhoon (Akula, Project 941), Delta 4 (Delfin, Project 667BDRM) Oscar 1/2 (Antyey, Project 949), Victor 2/3 (Schuka, Project 671), Sierra 1/2 (Kondor, Project 945) and Akula 1/2 (Bars, Project 971)-class submarines. The missiles can also be launched from surface ships and were fitted to Kirov (Orlan, Project 1144)-class battle cruisers, Udaloy 2 (Fregat, Project 1155.1)-class destroyers and Neutrashimy (Jastreb, Project 1154)-class frigates with six missiles per ship. It is estimated that each submarine is allocated an average of four Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) weapons, either RPK-2 (SS-N-15) or RPK-6/-7.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-1 15. dushan commented 10 years ago

#4 let me ask you something, how many serbs are living in kosovo now? how many serbs where living in kosovo before bombardment?
how many churches in kosovo, most of which are world treasure ( serbian churches from 1200. and older ) are burned or bombed by albanians?
albanians are not saints, neither serbs are ( the same goes for bosnians and croats ), many atrocities are committed, many innocent PEOPLE killed, the only difference is, there are serbs, croats, bosnian and albanians who know the war from first hand, and they are ashamed by things their para-military formations did, and there are people like you who like to pretend ignorance...
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

-1 16. Burimi commented 10 years ago

#15. - I ask rascha and now I'm asking you Dushan; WHY THEY BOMB YOU? Why NATO bomb Serbia? Can you answer WHY?
Picture of dushan56 achievements

0 17. dushan commented 10 years ago

#16 that is something rasha will answer you, in the meantime, how about those serbian churches? and ethnic cleansing done by albanians during, and most important, after nato bombardment?
problems on kosovo didn't started yesterday burimi, and it won't disappear over night
you can play "i'm a victim" game with someone else, anyone who knows how to use google can find a lot of informations on how your "independence" is really built...
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

-2 18. Burimi commented 10 years ago

#17 I don't support burning of the churches at all and no ethnic based crimes.

I don't play "i'm a victim" game, you play this game since 1999 when NATO bombed you legally, to stop the ETHNIC Cleansing of more than 1000000 ore in words One million ALBANIANS.

WHY THEY BOMB YOU? Why NATO bomb Serbia? Can you answer WHY?

I wait for your answer not only from rascha.
Picture of rascha35 achievements

-4 19. rascha commented 10 years ago

I will answer you again , #18 but on easy way :
Global politics - USA love to have they people ("democratic";) in each government
because then can use resource from that country !!!!
Kosovo is not yours now, its Americans and just wait, what will you do when them suck up all from your country.....
why they bomb Irak, Afghanistan etc....OIL !!!!! Look what is happening with oil price now because of problem with Iran........

Scientists r calculated : with this consumption of oil and gas world resource will last until 2050 ..... I'm really afraid what will happened with world then...
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-2 20. dushan commented 10 years ago

#18 "legally" burimi, do you really think that nato cares about serbs or albanians, are you that naive?
please don't give me the "1 million albanians" story, what i'm asking you is to acknowledge the fact that that kosovo was a civil war, and that albanians just finished with ethnic cleansing after nato bombardment, ethnic cleansing started after first world war, continued during second ( and it's still on, till no serbs and non-albanian will be left on kosovo )...
you can't tell "one side", "black and white" story and use nato bombardment as a proof and excuse...
i know what horrors and atrocities happened on kosovo, and we both know that both sides have blood on their hands, blood of innocent serbs non-albanians and albanians...
so let me ask you this, since you are all-just and all-wise, how many serbs and non-albanians lived in kosovo till 1999. and how many serbs an non-albanians live now, that will give you the clue what i'm talking about...
Picture of Koletzkii32 achievements

+5 21. Koletzkii commented 10 years ago

I hate vid's that are about an army or some weapons. We don't need any of that crap :/ It's men that invented war and everything that has something to do with it. If people only knew how sick the people are who run this world.
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

-2 22. Burimi commented 10 years ago

#20 Dushane HVALA (Thanks) for your answer.

#19 Rascha you stated that Afganistan and Irak are bombed because of OIL (in what I agree, but also for other reasons), you didn't answer in my question Why NATO bomb Serbia?

cheers, sve najbolje
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 23. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#19 Please explain how NATO bombed Iraq for oil when all of Iraq's oil is being sold on the open market to China. Also China has already made deals with the Afghans to explore untapped oil resources there. Your understanding of reality is flawed.

Picture of balca8322 achievements

-3 24. balca83 commented 10 years ago

Reply to you all!!! We all have the same problems! Find this documentary i you will see what happend in the Balcans! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qi50Mun4RA
Picture of dushan56 achievements

0 25. dushan commented 10 years ago

#22 you are welcome, even though you didn't give me any answers

let me point a simple fact, serbs had a chance to join nato, lets imagine that it actually happened, eg. serbia joined nato before albania and croatia
what would happened in that case burimi?
i believe serbs would finish the same job albanins did under nato supervision, the same way albanians and croats did...
lets get real, that is all i'm asking
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

-1 26. Burimi commented 10 years ago

Excellent Slovenian Documentary on the wars in former Yugoslavia (Eng Subs)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L5Qm-qRjqg&feature=related part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9MA98KJtEA&feature=relmfu part 2
Picture of manxman29 achievements

+2 27. manxman commented 10 years ago

#6 and #12 these are designed to be fired from battleship and cruiser torpedo tubes, so they are cheaper than refitting the ship to launch missiles cos you can still use the tubes for torpedos aswell.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+2 28. ughlah commented 10 years ago

If every albanian, who ever commited a crime would die, which will probably happen in due time, if immortality isn't discovered, will the new generation of serbs stop their claim on a country that is inhabited by albanians and not by serbs?

What do you expect from the kosovo albanians? Mass exodus to albania? Or do you expect a whole country to just die so serbian settlers, who have never lived there can claim the area?

Sure crimes happened, lots of them, but what's the point in looking back forever?
Picture of fixento232 achievements

0 29. fixento2 commented 10 years ago

Strange missile, fired from a ship into the water and then underwater launch to airborn. Why? Wait two generations and respect everybody's right to chose their religion, then perhaps the people of these nations may have an even chance for peace and understanding.
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

+1 30. makbeth commented 10 years ago

#13 One does not simply blow up a bunker containing chemical weapons.

nah you use these bad boys to blow up hardware munitions or airstrips etc, stuff you can blow up. hit a chemical weapon plant and god knows what you would end up releasing. also these tend not to be on the frontline, where you would generally find bunkers. That is more of a story you get fed to make the killing more palatable.
Picture of Siruss21 achievements

+2 31. Siruss commented 10 years ago

I agree with you #21, 100%.
Picture of gunsnroses28 achievements

+2 32. gunsnroses commented 10 years ago

the worst is yet to come.
Picture of ImprsdBySmartVid29 achievements

+4 33. ImprsdBySmartVid commented 10 years ago

All this interesting debate about NATO and USA wars, and #14 said it's a Russian Weapon, if true we should discuss about legality of Russian wars, using this kind of terrific weapons, shouldn't we?

About the debate, I do think Serbian lost the medias wars at first, and Kosovaars and Croatians weren't completely clean. I don't understand the point about OIL in Yugoslavia? Security of the pipeline in Kosovo could also be assured by the Serbians, if there hadn't an military intervention from outside?
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-3 34. dushan commented 10 years ago

#26 well, i was thinking, i shouldn't let your question unanswered burimi
the reason serbia was bombed by nato is more or a less the same as the reason iraq was bombed:
very good presented lie, covered by all media, sad thing is, it's look like you believe in it
or your don't, or don't want to remember events before 1999.
Picture of Zephid29 achievements

+1 35. Zephid commented 10 years ago

And there i thought this was going to be cool.

Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

+3 36. cyberdevil commented 10 years ago

Like a giant flare. :)
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

0 37. Burimi commented 10 years ago

#34. Defeat is worse than death because you have to live with defeat.
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-2 38. dushan commented 10 years ago

#37 you call that "your" victory? :)
"what's a smart man's shame it's a fool's pride"

balkan is a place between hammer and anvil burimi, you can be with hammer, you can be with anvil, or crashed in the middle
unfortunately for serbia, and good for albania, serbia decided not to join any of them...