Iraqi debate about the shape of the earth

An Iraqi debater gives his insightful opinion about the shape of our planet. Along the way he introduces his Splitted Iris Theorem :D

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Picture of SeozuS8 achievements

+8 1. SeozuS commented 16 years ago

Retarded. :|
Picture of keyshey26 achievements

0 2. keyshey commented 16 years ago

Picture of boxdelux13 achievements

-3 3. boxdelux commented 16 years ago

:( yawn...hmm... :|
Picture of 3h8euj47dr884e834 achievements

+13 4. 3h8euj47dr884e83 commented 16 years ago

:D that has got to be the dumbest person i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+5 6. Fergus_Thedog commented 16 years ago

Just another religious idiot believing ancient stupidities. Say, wasn't the Universe created in six days as well? Time to give up God and put your reason to work, people.
Picture of Brejn31 achievements

0 7. Brejn commented 16 years ago

I adore this man! He is so deep in his religion and faith in Qur'an that he is unable to accept scientific facts.
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+9 8. DarkiKun commented 16 years ago

I'm so happy i don't belong to any religion . . .
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

-3 9. zerorain commented 16 years ago

If you dont have any physical proof about something or at least a mathematical equation as proof dont say anything...

seriously why do dumbasses still survive?
i swear they should just blow each other up... >:)
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+2 10. croclacrimae commented 16 years ago

in medieval ages they used to call ppl heretics and killed them for saying Earth is round or it's not the center of universe. That was christian church in Europe of course, they 'modernized' a bit at least in that way :P perhaps this guy should too
Picture of realbone4 achievements

+3 11. realbone commented 16 years ago

Glad to be an atheis, i believe what i see.
Science is the way to go, though everyone have rights to believe what they want.

That man is stupid, as 95%(?) of ppl who believe in something like a fairytale (religions).
Picture of Cheeseburger13 achievements

+5 12. Cheeseburger commented 16 years ago

My favorite sentence:

"anything that has no indication in the koran is false"

This guy is just so incredible dumb that he is just not ABLE to understand such things as science. The most shocking thing is that he is not the dumbest person on earth. In his country and in similar countries people are guided by men like this one, who tell them what is right and what is wrong. Since this guy believes that EVERYTHING in Koran is true, i doubt him understanding his own religion at all. It's useless to write about it, it will stay the way it is for decades.
Picture of chaimss2 achievements

-3 13. chaimss commented 16 years ago

Being religious myself I believe that the Bible is the ultimate truth... but I also know that just because it doesn't say something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The Bible doesn't talk about the shape of the Earth at all. There's belief, and then there's ridiculousness.
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

-2 14. Noobeater commented 16 years ago

^There also believing in the bible, which is moronic.
Picture of mamlo76 achievements

+1 15. mamlo7 commented 16 years ago

This man in the great age to be regretted that ignorant of both religious and Alalmpeh

It proved the Koran that the land is not round but oval ellipse, which scientists recently discovered

The Koran was discovered that the land oval thousands of centuries :)
Picture of yomomma2 achievements

0 16. yomomma commented 16 years ago

Hey I'm Christian and believe the earth is round...mmmk?

Picture of realbone4 achievements

0 17. realbone commented 16 years ago

Think again and try not to think youre christian.
Think that youre one with yourself and everything you believe is what you see and science can show you, not happening. x) Too much to ask from braindead ppl.
Picture of realbone4 achievements

0 18. realbone commented 16 years ago

sue your parents
Picture of phroz3n1 achievements

+1 19. phroz3n commented 16 years ago

It amuses me when I find out that i've wasted my time watching a stupid video and read the nonsense acompanying it...
To me this kind of topic is a moral "no-no" and should be left to those who actualy know what they are talking about(its obvious that most if not all of you don't know what you are talking about)... allso read the rules about posting before u get banned :|
And to be on topic - it puzzles me how such a silly "debate" if it can be called that was allowed to be aired.
Picture of theleif1 achievements

-2 20. theleif commented 16 years ago

Makes me think of creationists and ID. There is no difference.
Picture of Happyman1 achievements

+2 21. Happyman commented 16 years ago

What that guy said about the Quran is completely wrong and i propose him to read the Quran again or better to ask someone to explain him. Because, I cannot understand where he found in Quran these informations. The second guy wasn't able to agree or denied these informations because he doesn't know the Quran too. This debate is really stupid.
Picture of Petzi5 achievements

-1 22. Petzi commented 16 years ago

ohhhh yesss, how true.... we need to read more Koran ;) :D
Picture of stylnjj8417 achievements

0 23. stylnjj84 commented 16 years ago

I also believe in the Kjv Bible but, this guy has spiritual blinders on his eyes the earth is round its not that hard to believe even if we never have seen earth in outer space look at the moon and sun there both round why wouldn't the earth be round as well..The Bible actually teaches a spherical shape for the earth. In Isaiah 40:22 God is said to sit above “the circle of the earth” (the Hebrew word for circle can also mean a sphere). Also, in Luke 17:34–36 Christ's Second Coming is portrayed as occurring while some are asleep at night and others are working at daytime activities — which means a rotating earth with day and night at the same time.Everyone has there own point of view please be respectful.
Picture of realbone4 achievements

0 24. realbone commented 16 years ago


How about takin your own brains in use for once in lifetime.
Not what chiefs of religions say, or that funny jokebook "bible".
Picture of realbone4 achievements

-3 25. realbone commented 16 years ago

Think with own brains and teach yourself to know more and more... dont let other ppl or some books control you like some fucking robot comon.. be yourself from now on. Quit that religion bullshit. Stop cheating yourself!
Picture of Nitroouusss3 achievements

+1 26. Nitroouusss commented 16 years ago

:'( he is serious, show him pleas google earth. :(
Picture of s1lent34 achievements

-3 27. s1lent commented 16 years ago

This goes out to the 3 abrahamic religions - muslims, christians and jews. Do you think whilst you are smashing and blowing up each other to bits, and demanding special privilleges whilst you're at it, the rest of us could sort of... do you think the rest of us could have our PLANET BACK?

Even you normal, righteous, religious people, it's even your fault, because you provide the power base for all those religious leading nutcases like Bush and Al Quaeda, and without that powerbase they could have been safely locked up in mental facilities. But because of the bullshit that you believe in (i.e. some books that were written by some other nutcases a few centuries back), now we gotta endure these people.
Picture of Team4213 achievements

+2 28. Team42 commented 16 years ago

While the debator is obviously a religious zealot (and, according to modern scientific understanding of planetary bodies, seemingly wrong), some of the argumentative posts here are ludicrous. The arguments against what he believes would be much stronger if (a) they were properly spelt; (b) properly punctuated; and, (c) demonstrated some knowledge of the Koran (Qur'an) to repudiate what he believes (realbone would benefit from this advice no end...).

Additionally, it's not that long ago that Western establishment disavowed certain tenets that are now held as being "gospel"...

Try reading this...

For Cheeseburger (Post 12)... There are Christians who believe and act the same way (see the link above).

For Chaimss (Post 13)...Sane...(not a believer myself though).

For Noobeater (Post 14)...And your qualifications on theology come from which internet university...?

As for mamlo7 (Post 15)... Could you say that again in a way some of us could understand what you mean?
Picture of BaronKite23 achievements

-1 29. BaronKite commented 16 years ago

That old fart talking about seeing things at a distance...if those glasses of his are any indication, neither his eyesight or his ideas go further than his nose.
Picture of mbbx7mb42 achievements

+1 30. mbbx7mb4 commented 16 years ago

:* the guy certainly knows nothing about koran or is to retard to understand quran...
Picture of x3style17 achievements

+1 31. x3style commented 16 years ago

Imagine the guy actually believes it. :'( Poor guy.
Picture of hayatalain1 achievements

+4 32. hayatalain commented 16 years ago

I doubt if this guy even a muslim??

for almost 1500 years since the dawn of islam all muslims knows that earth is round as the holy Quran mentioned it clearly.

and if you asked any islamic scholar bout it, they'll tell u its oval not round which is scientifically more accurate than sayiny its round and thats what Quran said exactly.

am just wondering from where he got the copy of his holy Quran? I even doubt if he have one!!!!
Picture of pli1 achievements

-2 33. pli commented 16 years ago

... ROFL!!!!!!

Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+1 34. SpikedSilver commented 16 years ago

And who of you speaks his language and can proof that the subtitles are correct??? Maybe he just mistook the Koran with Terry Pratchets books >:)
Picture of LisaColorado13 achievements

-1 35. LisaColorado commented 14 years ago

I don't condemn that guy. Everybody believes only in their own rationalizations. Even our scientists rationalize in their own ways.

I worked with a woman from Somalia. 62 years old. Never learned to read or write. Couldn't think in terms of right and left, up and down. Couldn't draw a picture. And yet, Somali culture is beautiful. I blame the stubbornness of Islam for her being so unequipped to live in the USA, but I forgive the ordinary people who just want to live in devotion to their faith.