Dr. Michio Kaku on Learning from Outer Space

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Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+10 1. banzemanga commented 10 years ago

lol. "There is a nice intersection there. Go and cross it." >:)
Picture of HellsVacancy40 achievements

+11 2. HellsVacancy commented 10 years ago

Im glad im open minded, awesome upload
Picture of Burimi59 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-13 3. Burimi commented 10 years ago

The best thing about outer space is that there's no wind.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+20 4. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#3 Wrong....solar winds are much more damaging than any winds on earth. :) (i)
Picture of smi55 achievements

+12 5. smi commented 10 years ago

Let's burn him now. :)
Picture of Jingle20 achievements

+5 6. Jingle commented 10 years ago

Cant wait for Type IV
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

-1 7. cameramaster commented 10 years ago

If there is a "Type 1" civilisation there has to be a type 2...if there is a type 2 it follows there must be a type 3. Type 4 AND type five AND type 6....although what that might be my mind cannot even begin to imagine. Every time something is discovered....later we discover something even better or bigger....Will we one day discover or BECOME the equivalent of God's?
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

-2 8. Natan_el_Tigre commented 10 years ago

#7 Agreed. To re-quote Joseph Campbell, "God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that."
Picture of firest4rter41 achievements

+1 9. firest4rter commented 10 years ago

when he was reading the type 2 civilisation i just couldn't wait to hear about type 3!! i love stuff like this!
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+4 10. huldu commented 10 years ago

Too much hair. With intelligent you mean somewhat similar to humans i assume. Because if the alien life form is more intelligent than humans they would have no interest, except maybe for slaving, petting etc.

Just take a look at how humans interact with lesser intelligent beings, now imagine the alien being the human and you being the worm.
Picture of Chrythes26 achievements

-2 11. Chrythes commented 10 years ago

#10 What a cynical perspective. What about the vast anthropological research the aliens can conduct here? What about the arts, philosophy, history even science?
The total pragmatic thinking you attach to humans and higher beings is IMO false and somewhat sad.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+3 12. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

Do you walk to a monkey cage and say "Hello monkeys, I give you peace and technology, it works like this and then you will have peace, and everything you need, and become like us" -Monkey looks at I-pad, and trows it-

Better is to give them sticks and bottles filled with snacks, and let them figure out what to do with it, and when the time is ready one of the monkeys, gives back the stick and turns the bottle upside down, to get the snack. Gives back the bottle ,and polite asks for a new snack on a tray instead of in a bottle

Until then, do not give them I-pads

How does an other lifeform look at us? do they see us as a trial in a jungle, loaded with spears, ready to kill because someone thinks different?

Do they see us as a peacefull society who welcomes everyone with open arms. (without scrambeling fighterjets and shoot down everything what does not respond or looks like a spyplane)
Picture of jojowhizz9 achievements

+2 13. jojowhizz commented 10 years ago

i think we all know that the best thing about space is strawberry ice-cream mmmmmm lovely
Picture of CrazyEddie28 achievements

0 14. CrazyEddie commented 10 years ago

Good ideas, bad presentation. He'd be a bastard of a teacher. And as for his examples - well, they were given to him by someone who doesn't read a lot of science fiction. Either that or he's aiming for the lowest common denominator, which is just as bad.
Picture of Ikke14 achievements

+3 15. Ikke commented 10 years ago

Btw, there is a Civ V as well! Civ V doesn't give a flying f*ck about space-time continuum.
Also Civ VI - who use the Civ V as a napkin and so on...

EU - fail start of type 1 economy.
Internet is a puddle!

...anyway, nice Gucci and Chanel add!

p.s. and some ppl get paid for that kind of jobs.
Picture of jojowhizz9 achievements

+3 16. jojowhizz commented 10 years ago

what idiot took the time to vote down a comment about ice cream lol get a sense of humour . sorry i didnt pretend i was a scientist . or use google lol sad :P enjoyed the video tho
Picture of Zephid29 achievements

0 17. Zephid commented 10 years ago

Bla bla bla... Amazing!
Wish i could live for a eon or 2 :(|)
Picture of muirdrive3 achievements

0 18. muirdrive commented 10 years ago

I can also imagine and today it is actually true, that there is no life in the billions of universes out there. You can run probabilities using high numbers and of course you are going to come up with an answer that there are other intelligent life forms out there, but in the end your math teacher would tell you that the answer is also a probability. We are the "Privileged Planet" and wake me up when they find another one. These theoretical physicists are real dreamers and this guy has become a millionaire just by basically making up stuff and the Star Wars generation sucks it up like a bear on honey.Look within and find a universe.