How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors


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Picture of orion27 achievements

+60 1. orion commented 12 years ago

Totally expected him to blast the neighbours with Justin Bieber :)
Picture of Ganjabus32 achievements

+24 2. Ganjabus commented 12 years ago

It would be better to play extremely loud white noise or ringing every time the sensor picks up a loud noise. There shouldn't be a 10 second waiting time, it should be as instant as it can be, that way it will also turn off as their music turns off. They would never be able to listen to a song again >:)
Picture of dariodexter32 achievements

+7 3. dariodexter commented 12 years ago

#2 true, but as he said, he doesnt want to make it instant, because, what if the neighbour accidentally hits the wall?
Picture of dushan56 achievements

+29 4. dushan commented 12 years ago

actually, the best "anti-loud-neighbour" device is old damaged electric-motor ( rc car motor will do ), it will create interference ( irritating high pitch buzzing sound ) with any cd-player, tv set, radio... :D
Picture of I-Need-Money51 achievements

+31 5. I-Need-Money commented 12 years ago

well and then there are the next neighbors disturbed...

how about the good old "turn down the music or I will break your finger methode"
works fine for me everytime :D

on the other hand...
this device should turn on when the music from the neigbor stops, so that he can hear it...
doesnt make much sense to play the music if he doesnt hear it cuz his own music is much louder...

just my two cents ;)
Picture of dj_laidas30 achievements

+5 6. dj_laidas commented 12 years ago

now how can i build one myself? i have the same problem here...
the only diffrence i want is that i dont want to stop at all.... if they play loud for 3 hours then my music will play 3hours.... :D:D >:) >:) >:)
Picture of hardcorro23 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 7. hardcorro commented 12 years ago

i would just go and chop the bitchs head off with the shovel
Picture of oratza27 achievements

+6 8. oratza commented 12 years ago

oh, noisy neighbors...let's make a contest to see who has the loudest speaker so we can make silence after that. :|
Picture of cyberdevil32 achievements

-1 9. cyberdevil commented 12 years ago

Time to start manufacturing and selling. :D
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

+3 10. Oddi commented 12 years ago

Turn the volume down or you wont hear the neighbors smashing through your door with a bass guitar at hand...ffs are nerds getting revenge these days?
Picture of glitch91125 achievements

+9 11. glitch911 commented 12 years ago

#1 in the same spirit : I've always dreamt playing "Dragostea din tei" at max volume to kill the 2.30am party behind the wall (did you know this song ?)
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+6 12. Geekster (admin) commented 12 years ago

#11 That song rulles ! :D Long live Romanian artists !!
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

-2 13. irishgek commented 12 years ago

What an idiot why not have it set to turn it on and of at exactly the same time they turn theirs on and off so they get real confused , what a waste of a arduino
Picture of hafa33 achievements

+10 14. hafa commented 12 years ago

if you blast them with sex moaning noises it'll actually shut them up
Picture of Wellness20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-9 15. Wellness commented 12 years ago

Fuck U hater!
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements

+9 16. Tehrasha commented 12 years ago

"But yeah, it works, so that s cool."

Umm.. it doesnt work. They didnt stop playing their music.
Chances are, the neighbors cannot even hear his attempts at revenge.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+8 17. Sizzlik (admin) commented 12 years ago

I got kinda the same problem..but my neighbour isnt playing music..he snorres at sleep that the walls are shaking
Picture of heyhey32 achievements

+5 18. heyhey commented 12 years ago

lol, who uses CD player these days? >:)
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+9 19. gouranga4ever commented 12 years ago

What a knob. First of all you could just ask them to lower the volume. Secondly if you're not home who cares if they play loud music? and finally if you've gone through that much trouble you could have set up a noise cancelling system..
Picture of Tarc37 achievements

+2 20. Tarc commented 12 years ago

grrr. why would you mind them playing music while you are not at home?
I mean when I listen to music I DO consider my neighbours and actually do it when they are not at home.

Now, one would never be able to listen to music then? Not a great solution.
Picture of Malakyte47 achievements

+2 21. Malakyte commented 12 years ago

Simply another "who's got the biggest one" contest. I can see many reasons to tell that thing is really stupid...
- If you are actually staying at your place while your neighbors are making noise, you will be even more annoyed by your own music (same CD over and over again) after a while
- What's the point of this device if there is no one at your home?
- Completely useless unless you have only ONE neighbor. What if this place has has many "geek" tenants like him, at every floor?
- Not to say about the energy waste!
Picture of Kuttan37 achievements

-2 22. Kuttan commented 12 years ago

Wish I had that when I was living in the apartments !
Picture of tigg477 achievements

-1 23. tigg47 commented 12 years ago

I used to do that but much simplier: "I'm going home" by ten years after. Max sound set CD-player on repeat and went to do some shopping. Within a few days they moved; problem solved.
Picture of marx001234 achievements

-1 24. marx0012 commented 12 years ago

who let the dogs out ain't annoying music, I love that song
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-2 25. LightAng3l commented 12 years ago

The annoying music is my cellphone ringtone... I thought someone was calling me... LOL !!
Picture of CommanderSlap14 achievements

-1 26. CommanderSlap commented 12 years ago

He's just a sad gay wimp who's not man enough to go next door and ask them to turn it down.
Picture of Zebedee27 achievements

+2 27. Zebedee commented 12 years ago

He's never gonna get invited to a party.
Picture of skeletron18 achievements

+2 28. skeletron commented 12 years ago

He reminds me of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory!
Picture of CrazyEddie28 achievements

-1 29. CrazyEddie commented 12 years ago

He's a pain in the arse and will probably be wearing a baseball bat pretty soon. He won't hear anything then 'cos of all the bandages.
He doesn't seem to consider whoever lives on the other side of him either, blasting that shit song out for everyone to hear.
Probably some old age pensioner trying to nap.
Picture of cretia27 achievements

-1 30. cretia commented 12 years ago

I had a problem with my neighbour that was in the house next door ,after asking him politely many times , one day i decided to go next door under his house and pulled the fuse on the electric board that runs his power sockets, today he only has lights/gas ,it has been nice and quiet ever since
Picture of ivanturbinca1 achievements

-1 31. ivanturbinca commented 12 years ago

big looser
Picture of Homey4 achievements

-1 32. Homey commented 12 years ago

Aren't you doubling the annoyance when add your own loud music?
Picture of RandurSource56 achievements

+4 33. RandurSource commented 12 years ago

The neighbour has the same device set up and isn't at home.
Picture of olivespread1 achievements

0 34. olivespread commented 11 years ago

I'd like to build one. Any interest in putting the circuit diagram and parts list on instructables or elsewhere online?
Picture of brookelyn392 achievements

0 35. brookelyn39 commented 11 years ago

I would just like to amp their noise back at them.
So please send me info on how I can build one. Thank you.
Picture of Mupp2 achievements

0 36. Mupp commented 10 years ago

Great video! I want to know how to build my own. Wicked Tinkers music would be just annoying enough to do the trick! Muwahahahaaaa! >:)
Picture of panbuk2 achievements

0 37. panbuk commented 9 years ago

Hate my noisy neighbors, they're so stupid. I would appreciate some (i) on how to get my hands on some good noise cancelling system. I need to deal with neighbors downstairs.