Smoking Kid

How would smokers feel if a child smokes?

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Picture of irishgek50 achievements
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-20 1. irishgek commented 8 years ago

Picture of prekazi36 achievements

+51 2. prekazi commented 8 years ago

I've cured myself of smoking in bed. I bought a water bed and filled it with gasoline.
Picture of MrYodo22 achievements
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-5 3. MrYodo commented 8 years ago

#1 That could've been said without caps >_>

However the reason I smoke is because I feel like I get something out of it, that makes it worth it. Though I can't rly describe what it is, that makes it worth it... It just is for me.
Picture of elchupacabra43 achievements

+5 4. elchupacabra commented 8 years ago

Lots of people haven't even tried once to quit smoking. I got in control and now I quit smoking every day :D
Picture of pyr037 achievements

+21 5. pyr0 commented 8 years ago

#3 What you feel after smoking a cigarette, is how non-smokers feel the whole day. Smoking does not give you anything. It takes something from you. It makes you miss and demand more and more. Smoking is actually one of the worst addictions that exist.

It is ridiculous how smokers can like that. But what's even worse is, that many smokers do not even care of their passive-smoking children and their environment. I hate to watch them spread their rubbish all over the cities.
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

-2 6. Paul1968 commented 8 years ago

just by watching the video i knew there would be a lot of nonsense posted from non smokers........
you wanna smoke, then smoke...... if you don't wanna smoke then don't but leave the ones who do the fuck alone. its not your concern

edit, interesting video also made me think (for a moment at least til i found my ciggies)
Picture of mircea91128 achievements

+2 7. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

#6 smoke wherever you want but if you smoke near me ill punch you straight in the face, i don't have to take your dirty ass smoke and it goes the same for every other smoker.
also #1 what goes better with coffee? crackers or "special"brownies. What goes better after sex? more sex. we already got those so don't complain no1 did anything cause they did
Picture of Tink11 achievements

+1 8. Tink commented 8 years ago

#7 totally agree with you, passive smokers are twice affected than that of those active smokers, if others (smokers) are not concerned with their health, well, we do.
Picture of Siruss21 achievements

+2 9. Siruss commented 8 years ago

But smoking weed is good for you. :P
Picture of dushan56 achievements

-1 10. dushan commented 8 years ago

wow, just wow :O
Picture of majais28 achievements
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-5 11. majais commented 8 years ago

Great spot!
I'm a non smoker but i like smoking. I just don't understand how smokers can smoke those disgusting tasting, "cheap" cigarettes... I've smoked from time to time and i might smoke again in the future but when i smoke i prefer a good cigar, a pipe or something like that. In our days when i go to a bar where some jazz-music or folk is played live, i really miss the smoke that was there when i went to those places in my twenties... I am probably just nostalgic :)
Oh and I do not believe that smoking kills, it's our negative thoughts that kill us, the smoke can only be one of the helpers of those thoughts. I met many smokers, had them in my family and still have many friends, old and young. The ones that have problems through smoking have a much more negative mindset then the ones that don't have any problems. The same applies to non smokers. Anyway, both ways you die :P Let's smoke the peace-pipes again!
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+3 12. cameramaster commented 8 years ago's my 50p worth. I am 60 years old ( Yep THAT old !) and i have been smoking since i was 14 years of age, I cant see me giving up up anytime soon either.....apart from anything else its a matter of may not agree with it....that's YOUR choice. The national health service in the UK is virtually funded by smokers, and if the government were suddenly ban smoking entirely it would have to make up the short fall in the massive amount of tax it get from want to pay MORE tax?..... didn't think so.
Picture of mircea91128 achievements
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-15 13. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

again #12 smoke, i'm not telling you to stop, but if you smoke near me ill punch you and your children and a few years of prison wont stop me from doing so. Also #11 i too sometimes enjoy a fine joint but i do it when im alone or at parties where i don't bother anyone that mind it.
Picture of swf201226 achievements

+2 14. swf2012 commented 8 years ago

#7 I hope you don't own a car, otherwise your words are very very hypocrit :(
Picture of Wiggy26 achievements

+7 15. Wiggy commented 8 years ago

#13 i guess you've punched a fair few people then....not, grow up!
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

-4 16. Premtm commented 8 years ago

Smokers are losers...... >:)
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+4 17. librabooks commented 8 years ago

#7 If you were a smoker you would probably live a lot longer. Your attitude will get you killed much faster. Kudos! I really can't say more about #(removed comment) other than you should get together with #7 and #8 and enjoy some violent sex with each other. #16 can watch and fap.
Picture of AnonFawkesClown13 achievements

+4 18. AnonFawkesClown commented 8 years ago

Welcome to the world of emotional blackmail.
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

+7 19. Paul1968 commented 8 years ago

@ #7 + #13
you talk about punching people in the face you've never seen before, you should be careful because some people would be only too happy to punch you back..
but i suppose it takes a lot of bottle to type such things in the safety of your home..... do us all a favor chap, pull your bottom lip over your head and fucking swallow. :*

sorry for being off topic....
Picture of mircea91128 achievements
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-5 20. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

#19 im a 140kg bodybuilder, ive already been stabbed and shot at, let me see them punching back. #17 i tried smoking and its not for me, #15 grow a pair #16 nomather how many downs you get your still right,#14 i don't have a car i own a 18 wheeler. and again for the dumasses that don't understand: I have nothing with smokers(i never blamed people for beeing stupid, they can't be helped), they can smoke, just don't do it near me, ill ask nicely only once but after that fk you
Picture of Paul196825 achievements

0 21. Paul1968 commented 8 years ago

well #20 you not met the right person yet. . i'd fuckin hit you back and i dont care how big you say you are, grow up you bloody idiot
Picture of Threeme218930 achievements

+3 22. Threeme2189 commented 8 years ago

This has gotten out of hand...
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+4 23. loadrunner commented 8 years ago

It took me 1 second to quit smoking, and one week of feeling bad, but Now I feel great. (after 8 years of smoking 15 a day)
Picture of moese42 achievements

+9 24. moese commented 8 years ago

#13 #21 I assume the REAL problem here is not tobacco but good ol' alcohol. but please, if you hit each other, make sure anybody is filming it and put it up here on snotr. that would be hilarious! thanks.
Picture of mircea91128 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 25. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

#21 i hope we never meet ahaha. Unless you got 10-20 people to back you up with guns or at least some decent hunting knives, id most probably win. Also your telling to grow up to someone that has 2 colleges done, the army done, works in 2 different shifts on heavy machinery(that's 16hours if you can't do the math),full dedicated father and husband and donates a monthly sum to the city hospital(small city we only got 1)i suggest you tell your mother to teach you how to speak properly with other people because it seems she didn't. Or if in case your an orphan, im sorry but you should still try to get proper education.#23 you can quit if you want to it will al be good and it isn't as hard as every little whiner says it is
yes #24 alcohol is way worst than smoking but i doubt anything will be done about it any time soon(a 36yo woman got killed by her drunk husband 2 weeks ago in my city, and after that he killed himself), we can only
hope.#17 its not about living the longest its about living good, enjoy what you want just don't bother other people while doing it
Picture of Wiggy26 achievements

0 26. Wiggy commented 8 years ago

#20 I already have, and they dropped at least 5 years before yours. Plus their circumference is quite superior to those hanging off you
Picture of mircea91128 achievements
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-5 27. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

i wonder how you gona make children since they "dropped" which means you got castrated(at least if you translate in my language), well i can only be happy since 1 bad seed stopped multiplying(unless you already made them, thing that makes me hope they are not like you. Otherwise it will sadden me more)also mine didn't drop, they are still attached and healthy
Picture of ThisIsMe15 achievements

0 28. ThisIsMe commented 8 years ago

#27, you clearly don't understand the meaning of 'dropped' in this context. Go and do a bit of research, after which, you'll feel rather stupid.

As for smoking, free choice is a good thing. Smoke if you want to, don't if you don't. I'm a non-smoker, and some of my friends are smokers. Until smoking was banned in pubs in the UK, I was quite happy to drink alongside smokers and non-smokers. No big deal.

As for #7 'punch in the face' comment. Clearly he's an immature keyboard junkie who has almost certainly never punched anyone in his life. I don't hold that against him. He'll probably grow up eventually. Maybe he'll even begin to feel more macho by taking up smoking himself. :D
Picture of cretia27 achievements

+3 29. cretia commented 8 years ago

Smokers are people too, my grandad smoked and he died early (smoking related illness),all i wish was that he never smoked so i could have spent more time with him , he was a strong good man a farmer a husband my grandad :(
That is the reality people ,thats why i dont smoke i want to see my kids get married have kids and be around for them
Picture of Vergetta25 achievements

0 30. Vergetta commented 8 years ago

OMG that was a POWERFUL ad..
Being a smoker myself, it brought tears to my eyes.
I now have a new reslove NOT to smoke, THANKYOU !
Again,, what a GREAT anti-smoking commercial, WELL DONE
Picture of LaoMa28 achievements

+1 31. LaoMa commented 8 years ago

#12: Here in Finland we have the same taxes for smokes as you do (about 80%).

It has been calculated that one smoking worker causes Finland about 28 000 eur losses annually (in sick leaves, decreased working performance, public heathcare, etc.).

You'd have to buy a storehouse full of cigs to make up for that.
Picture of patrick6719 achievements

-1 32. patrick67 commented 8 years ago

Nice, very nice !
Picture of mircea91128 achievements

0 33. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

#28 i got what he ment i just didn't really care, also the day i can fully smoke a cigar and be confortable with it will be the day you die from smoking(if you realy are a nonsmoker), its called being healthy, look into it, Also im not a keyboard junkey but i usually get 2-3 full free hours before i go to work and i got to find an ocupation wich means i literally got nothing better to do than pissing some kids off.(also i sugest you read all my comments before you write something towards me, maybe you will understand something that you didn't from my first coment)
#31 im just saying so hear me out if you will, the money the country gets from taxes is alot, even so that helps less than it destroys. Your point is very valid and take this in consideration: try calculating how much money goes in cancer research and how many patients are there that can't really pay( ofcourse im talking about the people that got cancer on their own not the unfortunate that got it from some situation that he couldn't prevent)
#29 your grandfather sounds like a hell of a guy, i can just hope he didn't suffer much and im glad you learned something very usefull.
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

0 34. Premtm commented 8 years ago

Smoking will reduce a persons life by 5 minutes each day but having sex will increase a persons life by 10 minutes every day.
Verdict: No fucking smoker will ever die........ :D :D :D :D
Picture of mircea91128 achievements

0 35. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

Smoking will reduce a persons life by 5 minutes each day but arguing with your wife and telling her she is wrong will kill you instantly and no sex can make up for that ;)
Picture of ThisIsMe15 achievements

-1 36. ThisIsMe commented 8 years ago

# 35. OK mircea911, I took your advice and read all of your comments.

The conclusion I've arrived at is that you are quite poorly educated. This is indicated by your dreadful spelling and extremely poor use of grammar. You also appear to have a weak grasp of a wide variety of general knowledge, so therefore unlikely to be a youngster; probably an older man, a rather confused and angry man. Your aggressive comments in which you repeatedly talk about hitting people, indicate a serious behavioural problem which needs attention. I suggest you see a therapist quickly, and if you really do have a family, children etc, it would be wise for you to take them with you and let the doctor warn them that you are unstable and unpredictable and almost certainly liable to violent outbursts. Of course, it's quite possible or likely that your family are already aware of this. :(
Picture of pelefonia21 achievements

0 37. pelefonia commented 8 years ago

"Harmful" is not enough to describe it anymore :(|) ::(|) . Let me start with something better:

Tobacco contains Polonium-210 !!! :S

"The main hazard is its intense radioactivity. Even in microgram amounts, handling Polonium is extremely dangerous" :x (i)
Picture of Judge-Jake52 achievements

-1 38. Judge-Jake commented 8 years ago

Oh for goodness sake. This smoking non smoking debate has been going on almost from the minute someone thought it a good idea to light some tobacco and suck the smoke it into their lungs.

The bottom line here is that smoking is bad for your health, thats it!
All this macho talk especially from the smokers is simply telling everyone else "Hey life is quite long enough thank you and anything I can do to shorten it and ultimately make my demise a slow painful one I'm going to do"

You are basically saying that you pay your tax through buying the cigerettes in the first place, therefore if the BIG C comes along in the future I expect to be treated. That is so short sighted! You might be doing the sucking now but believe me Cancer sucks far harder.

There won't be one of you when given the BIG C diagnosis that doesn't get on your knees and prays to which ever God you pray to, to heal you. There also won't be one of you who will promise never to be such an idiot again and promise your loved ones that you will never smoke again if you are given one more chance one more day to smell the flowers and watch a sunset. Think while you still have time!!!!!!
Picture of sinduda30 achievements

0 39. sinduda commented 8 years ago

Chill with the Comments and threats people.. this isnt youtube..
Picture of mircea91128 achievements

0 40. mircea911 commented 8 years ago

#38 I could not have said it any better, very well put.
#36 1: not everyone is English and not anyone types right in a foreign language,i'm trying my best but as you said i'm getting kinda rusty so get over it...or are you really that small minded?
2: you understood 0% from what i wrote so that tells me a lot about your knowledge. I know a lot better than you what real life means and i cant wait to see you get out of college(that is if you are in one)and out of your parent's house and face the reality.I'm sorry to disappoint you but i don't have any problems, you do, think about that one.
3:let me ask you what general knowledge means to you, is it using facebook, youtube or snotr? because it isn't. I have knowledge where it counts, and i sure hope your not limited at the internet because if you are your going to have a hard time in the future(while the internet helps it is not enough). Also my family supports me in everything i do if they see fit to do so, just as i do for them, there are no violent outbursts in our home and there never will be. I'm working hard to give them a proper education and not end up in a KFC like you probably will, they respect that and they are doing the best to help me, what does that tell you? ill make your thinking time shorter... it tells you nothing... yet, it will tell you something(probably) when you get to raise a family but till then don't even waste your brain thinking at it.
#39 we can comment as much as we like if the moderator doesn't mind it so get over it, don't like it? use some non-comments sites
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

0 41. Premtm commented 8 years ago

Smoking will kill a person slowly...well said, anyway smokers are not in hurry?.. :D
Picture of fizo25 achievements

0 42. fizo commented 7 years ago

Extremely strong advertising ! I quit this horrible habit and now I understand how useless and stupid it was. Never start smoking.