How not to react to the police

An awesome clip with hilarious subbing from the Dutch TV program Wegmisbruikers. The Dutch police stops a Belgian woman and her car. What follows is priceless :D
Warning: foul language

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Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+13 1. Aliquantulus commented 12 years ago

Good moaning? (x2) >:)
And the woman get's a waning?

Gotta love whomever subtitled this vid.. >:)
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements
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-8 2. Noobeater commented 12 years ago

Fucking pigs. Beat em down, shoot em dead.
Picture of burvis5 achievements

+7 3. burvis commented 12 years ago

Lucky lady, if that was the US of fucking A where this took place, she'd have been tased to death :|
Picture of Petra12 achievements

+9 4. Petra commented 12 years ago

I must admit, I'm impressed with the way that man handled the situation. Very polite, very laidback.

Too bad cops are so uptight and paranoid here in the States.
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+5 5. croclacrimae commented 12 years ago

haha, that was good stuff. And yeah, if this was filmed in the USA it would prolly end up the paranoid chick getting tased, and in my opinion that's how it should work. :D

Loved the part when she charged the cameraman and the subtitles said "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
Picture of burvis5 achievements

+7 6. burvis commented 12 years ago

to: croclacrimae

As you could well observe, no tasing was needed after all to solve the situation. You yanks should get your shit straight. Tasing is a mostly malicious practice. I'd recommend you more psychology, less weapons.
Picture of treeforest7 achievements

+3 7. treeforest commented 12 years ago

:( Somehow this looks rather suspicious to me (not real). Looks like it was all good acting. Does anyone here speak enough Dutch to give us a clue? I believe it was all faked. Even the bad spellng to make us believe it was translated by someone whose English was not that good. Can I have a second opinion?
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+4 8. BombDiggady commented 12 years ago

Bah, that lady was a brat, and deserved what she got.
The guy should have handcuffed and taken her to the police station when her tantrums and assaulting the camera guy started.

Burvis: Us "yanks" don't punish for what is wrong.
Picture of Niek36 achievements

+6 9. Niek (admin) commented 12 years ago


I'm Dutch, and this is definitely not faked. And yes, the subtitles are horrible (but funny) :D
Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+5 10. DarkiKun commented 12 years ago

those police guys deserve a medal for the patience they had xD
Picture of sander-0231 achievements

+3 11. sander-023 commented 12 years ago

no it's all real... I live in holland and these movies come up every day on the TV like the discription said already in the program wegmisbruikers. it's really funny to watch becouse people really get mad sometimes:P just to funny to see!! and yes the suptitles are really crappy....
Picture of Dwight9 achievements

+1 12. Dwight commented 12 years ago

Haha sander-023 i think you made the translation "becouse". ;)
Picture of millbrookman4 achievements

+3 13. millbrookman commented 12 years ago

Picture of pleidian3 achievements

0 14. pleidian commented 12 years ago

They should have blown her away with a magnum or somthing
Picture of Bahamaut7 achievements

+3 15. Bahamaut commented 12 years ago

Parents realy did a shity job raising those two idiots (girl who should be in mental hospital, and boyfriend who should be in ZOO but hes a mucho a big daddy LOL)
p.s. you can drive careful on the road, but when retards like those are behind the wheel shit happens
Picture of Janitor9892 achievements

+4 16. Janitor989 commented 12 years ago

"fucking pigs.. beat em down, shoot em dead" ..that's intelligent. *not*

also the bleeding heart liberal that is making excuses for this woman's completely irrational behavior "wahh you don't know what was happening in her life" SPARE ME. try taking responsibility for your own actions and not blaming everyone else for your problems.

Show this kind of thing here is wrong? I think not. I think your attitude is completely wrong.
Picture of 4Asset2 achievements

+4 17. 4Asset commented 12 years ago

SPOilT Brat!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont understand how she has got a boyfriend??? :O
the only transport she shud have is bike with square wheels!!!!!
Picture of Beirut_Vet1 achievements

+2 18. Beirut_Vet commented 12 years ago

Petra, there is a reason cops are uptight here. Borderline Personality women like this are often in relationships with Psychopath men. The two of them are fortunate they were not given additional charges.

As for Noobeater, I predict with an attitude like that, you may get to "ride the bull" (get tazed) in the near future. Unless of course your are all "type/talk" and no action.
Picture of Ramparts5 achievements

+2 19. Ramparts commented 12 years ago

seriously, if she tell them to put the camera away they should.
Picture of Thatwascool3 achievements

+3 20. Thatwascool commented 12 years ago

Man, she needs to chill a bit, and slow down too, the cops are just doing their job.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+2 21. LightAng3l commented 12 years ago

To burvis : STFU that "girl" was acting like a child. If no one takes care of her she will die of hunger >:) ...stupid bitch. ANITAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D :D :D

shy thinks she's a princess or what ? she has an appointment :)))))) priceless !!!
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

-1 22. lacroupade commented 12 years ago

they shoulda bent the bitch over and assfucked her while her b/friend watched, then kicked his tiny testicles in...
Picture of ericjames2 achievements

-2 23. ericjames commented 12 years ago

Picture of Noobeaters-Dad1 achievements

+2 24. Noobeaters-Dad commented 12 years ago

That crazed wench was Noobeater's mom racing home. A neighbour called and informed Noobeater's mom that Noobeater was sucking off the neighbour's dog.... Again.
Picture of Noobeaters-Dad1 achievements

+1 25. Noobeaters-Dad commented 12 years ago

That crazed wench was Noobeater's mom racing home. A neighbour called and informed Noobeater's mom that Noobeater was sucking off the neighbour's dog.... Again.
Picture of kronos1 achievements

-3 26. kronos commented 12 years ago

The Dutch are pussies.
Picture of bynenss6 achievements

+1 27. bynenss commented 12 years ago

Uh.. This bitch might be driving a car with belgium licence plates but she definitely is from holland. Not only her accent but the way she acts explains everything.
Quite sure the one who subtitled this clip was also a holland cheesehead.. Nick ?
Picture of olievlekje1 achievements

+3 28. olievlekje commented 12 years ago

the reason i think dutch police is a bit more relaxt is that almost no one in holland has a gun, and this police officer ofcourse knows there is a camera with him and prolly was chosen for his calm.
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+1 29. SpikedSilver commented 12 years ago

Instead of your US cops, European cops are respecting the rules.

And actually tasing anybody without reason, is the real pussy thing!!!
Picture of koffiedik9 achievements

+2 30. koffiedik commented 12 years ago

LOL that's my country xD
Picture of makbeth36 achievements

-1 31. makbeth commented 11 years ago

you see, genetically Americans are unable to mature past the age of 14 mentally. These police officers had the advantage of a fully developed human brain and did not need to resort to tasers and the like.
Its a pity, but all that reality tv and monotonous cliche that taints the lives of each american really takes its toll upon both the creative and logical parts of the brain.
Picture of joeman74 achievements

+2 32. joeman commented 10 years ago

BigBoy needs his ass kicked. REAL good.
Then he would learn to respect the police... :)
Picture of levicblack30 achievements

+2 33. levicblack commented 10 years ago

handcoughed. gotta love a translator that cant translate.
Picture of Malinar33 achievements

0 34. Malinar commented 10 years ago

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

0 35. Hellion1982 commented 10 years ago

The BF's such a douche. The way he slammed the door & parked the car, you'd think he was looking for a fight. Caught a look at the Video Camera & turned into a baby.

The police in some countries are just too damn polite. This would never happen in India. If it did, both of them would be black & blue & in jail in 5 minutes flat.

Oh, & I LOLed at 'Handcoughs'. :D