Black market nuke

There shoud be a category just for this: scary sh!t.

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Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+14 1. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

Someone peeking inside at 1:20, they are being watched .
Picture of Pana39 achievements

+9 2. Pana (reviewer) commented 10 years ago

2 please, paper
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

+5 3. Premtm commented 10 years ago

This made me remember "True Lies" movie...... :)
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+27 4. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

But even in the computer games I play it is not that easy to get a nuke :O
Picture of Vergetta25 achievements

+5 5. Vergetta commented 10 years ago

Is it true that the human species are compelled to destroy themselves ?, after watching this video Im begining to believe it. SAD TIMES people.. :(
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 6. LightAng3l commented 10 years ago

Bulgaria is my neighbour :x
Picture of Cermit26 achievements

+2 7. Cermit commented 10 years ago

#6 Hi neighbor :D
Unfortunately stories like that can happen everywhere, but here they just happen in the open, no one bothers to cover up the deals...
Picture of sidewinder26 achievements

-4 9. sidewinder commented 10 years ago

I am bulgarian and must tell you there is nothing like that. This is disgusting lie.
Picture of blue_alien41 achievements

+3 10. blue_alien commented 10 years ago

#7 ... And the people that do this kind of stuff are even willing to share their achievements, thus making it easier to be known.
#6 Hi neighbor! ;)
Picture of ataneg20 achievements

+11 11. ataneg commented 10 years ago

Hey #9 how do you know that?

They might have forgotten to inform you i guess :P

btw i am Bulgarian as well. And i find it quite strange that in the last 5 years 2 military ammo storage sites have blown up (quite probably purposely)

Chelopechene in 2008 and Sliven in 2012..
Picture of ihateregistering26 achievements

+3 12. ihateregistering commented 10 years ago

damn humans, you scary!
Picture of s1lent34 achievements

+8 13. s1lent commented 10 years ago

LOL, being bulgarian myself, I feel obligated to comment on this one.

As shocking as this is, it seems a bit unreal to even myself. Bulgarian citizens are fully aware of all the mafia and corruption going on in the country, but it would never be to such a large scale; and even if it did, you would never find anyone talking so openly about it.

If this were a true interview, it would be all over the BBC + other major foreign news channels, not some programme that noone has ever heard of. I'm leaning more towards thinking that these guys are just looking for some shock value to make themselves recognised.

Think about it: would anyone selling nukes or dirty nukes as they call, admit that it is buried in their mother's back yard?

Come on now.
Picture of etplayer35 achievements

-2 14. etplayer commented 10 years ago

This isn't about a nuke, it's about a dirty bomb. Why would the Soviets have bothered to make a dirty bomb when they have nukes? This makes absolutely no sense whatever. It's like saying the US Army has cobbled together a stash of Molotov Cocktails someplace. It's ridiculously stupid.
Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements

+2 15. Mourialaid commented 10 years ago

we are not safe anywhere! ANYWHERE! :(|)
Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements

+2 16. ZaMpTi commented 10 years ago

Crazy shit!
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 17. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#14 Listen closely from 6:23 until 6:55 and you will understand how the detonator could be used to create a low yield dirty nuke bomb.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

-3 18. huldu commented 10 years ago

Fake. I'll tell you why. How many "private" warheads have you seen gone off? I rest my case.
Picture of hantif15 achievements

+7 19. hantif commented 10 years ago

First off, a "dirty bomb" is not a nuke. It is a conventional explosive bomb used to spread radioactive material as a way of denying access to an area. To put it plainly, it is a terror weapon. There would be no nuclear yield involved. The correct term is "radiological weapon", not nuclear weapon.

Second, what they are showing is the detonator for a nuclear warhead. It may contain radioactive material, but not in sufficient quantities or form to allow a fission or fusion reaction to occur. Uranium or Plutonium are the common fuels for nuclear weapons, and the detonator would require neither. When you see a sphere or tube (implosion-pit or gun-tube design), then you should start to be worried about nuclear yield. There are also certain physical minimums of size and weight that need to be met before a nuclear reaction can occur.

Back before the Berlin Wall fell, I used to work on nuclear weapons, so I think I have a good grasp of what is involved.
Picture of Mitak40 achievements

+2 20. Mitak commented 10 years ago

Right a seller of detonators, possibly a dirty bomb goes and gives out interview to people...riiight :D