High 5, ladies

Only in the netherlands >:)

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Picture of Threeme218930 achievements

+53 1. Threeme2189 commented 10 years ago

I would try that in a heartbeat >:)
Picture of soultanos52 achievements

+66 2. soultanos commented 10 years ago

He is my hero! :D
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+64 3. mwak commented 10 years ago

Now i have a goal in life :O
Picture of Norman6820 achievements

+52 4. Norman68 commented 10 years ago

Gets my Vote for Presidency..... :P
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 5. cameramaster commented 10 years ago

Best bit of Ass slapping EVER !
Picture of Neutral31 achievements

+8 6. Neutral commented 10 years ago

if they call it 1 stone 2 birds, then this should be 1 slap 6 asses lol
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+10 7. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

I think that was more than five......
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+8 8. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#(removed comment) Take a chill pill. It's called a joke!
Picture of librabooks40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-14 9. librabooks commented 10 years ago

#8. I see, so if he did it to GUYS it would be just as funny?
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

+3 10. Oddi commented 10 years ago

That sounded like cats fighting hahah..cool high 5 tho O:)
Picture of mikeyboyzee21 achievements

+9 11. mikeyboyzee commented 10 years ago

Damn librabooks, you need to lighten up. They're sitting on a mobile bar with their asses exposed to any car driving by. None of them were offended. Have a drink and let someone stick something in your coffin cooter, you old bag.
Picture of gabbyjohnson16 achievements

+3 12. gabbyjohnson commented 10 years ago

i tip my hat to you sir. ;)
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+4 13. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#9 Yes perhaps more so.
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

0 14. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 10 years ago

I only wish he had more asses to slap :'(
Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements

0 15. ridebmxx3 commented 10 years ago

like a real boss !
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-2 16. Judge-Jake commented 10 years ago

No need to give me thumbs down for this, it's a question not an opinion. If this were to happen in a place of work wouldn't it be sexual harassment and wouldn't it be assult if it happened in a puplic place? Any police or lawyers on line?
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

-2 17. librabooks commented 10 years ago

Thank you #16, I was just about to say that! I wish I could give you an infinite thumbs up but I'm restricted to one. It's all fun and games if you are with friends who are consenting adults, but these people were complete strangers. Funny or not, it's sexual battery (assault is merely the threat of battery). It IS sexual harassment if it happens at work, but most of those morons probably never had a job (or at least one that had a female co-worker), so the term is unfamiliar. I'm absolutely positive this will receive a thumbs down en masse, but who cares.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+3 18. Sizzlik (admin) commented 10 years ago

#16 #17 no need to become crybabys..in the netherlands they are not that hardheaded...do you even know what they are riding on? Its a Bike Bar..they all getting drunk..and i bet they just laughed after that..not thinking about sueing anybody..so calm down will ya.
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+3 19. Geekster (admin) commented 10 years ago

@ #16 & #17 : why so serious ?
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

0 20. librabooks commented 10 years ago

#18 and #19, First of all, don't lump #16 in with me. They asked fair questions and had nothing to do with my previous comments.
Second, each country/region/continent...etc. has their own cultural norms. Where I live, it's ILLEGAL to do this and you would not only be slapped with a criminal sentence, but also a lawsuit so big it would make your head spin. I'm also well aware of the norms in some countries in Europe as I'm of German descent and have been to Germany many times.
In some countries, women are forced to cover their faces and are not allowed to be educated or hold a position in politics, yet these same people who say, "in the netherlands they are not that hardheaded", are adamantly against those norms - so much so that the government is introducing laws against it. It's a little strange that some rights for women are held in esteem and others are not. So why put me down because I think that women should be treated equally and with respect? As I stated before, it would probably have not been so funny if all of them were guys; people would be shouting "GAY" and giving the video a thumbs down. (By the way all, I am a GUY).
The women may have been out getting drunk, but it doesn't excuse the fact that what was done was just plain wrong. I'm not a crybaby; I enjoy a good prank as much as anyone else as long as it's not demoralizing or demeaning. Maybe the women did have a good laugh, but think of how many guys now have it in their minds that this sort of thing is okay, so they will go out and do it to other women who may not thinks it's so funny (especially here in North America).
Why am I serious? I prefer to talk seriously about serious issues. You?
Tell me, what would your reaction be if your wife/girlfriend/mother/daughter came home all upset because some guy had slapped their ass in public (or private) while she was having a good time with her friends? I think people tend to find things funny until it happens to THEM or someone close.
Picture of czeska16 achievements

+5 21. czeska commented 10 years ago

librabooks, congrats, you're really good at making a big deal out of nothing.
In a workplace, it makes sense to frown upon behavior like this. Because you have to see those people every day so it could get awkward and uncomfortable very quick. also - in case it's the woman's boss who does the slapping - merely saying "please don't do that ever again" could lead to bullying or loss of the job (if the said boss is also an asshole).
But this here is just a harmless, silly joke. I'm pretty sure none of the slapped women feel traumatized or abused. I'm female and if something like this happened to me, it would just make me laugh.
anyway, why are you like this? are you honestly this brain-washed into political hyper-correctness? or do you just spout this kind of bullshit to impress feminist bitches? :)
Picture of librabooks40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 22. librabooks commented 10 years ago

Wow #21. Have you ever worked for Human Resources? From your response I highly doubt it. Are you this way to impress testosterone junkies? If you want to get groped/slapped, do it all you want (unless you are so repulsive that no man wants to). Just don't cry when it leads to something you DON'T want.
If you actually READ my response, not just glanced over it during a slap-fest, I said I'm concerned about guys thinking that it's all a joke and in fun and want to go out and do it themselves.
I'm not politically hyper-correct; I'm FAR from it. I have, though, seen too many cases of guys who think this is all in fun and it ends up costing more than just both party's jobs and dignity. How is that for "nothing"? Did I make "too big a deal" again?
Don't try to claim to represent women around the world (I don't claim to represent anyone but me). I do know, however, many women who did NOT find this video funny.
Anyway, I'm done with this; you can't win an argument with stupid.
Picture of czeska16 achievements

+4 23. czeska commented 10 years ago

Wow #22, for someone who's supposedly defending women, you sure were quick to resort to the good old "you're probably a slut who just wants to get groped all the time, and ugly too" :D
I'm actually quite sensitive about my personal space and I have no problem getting people around me to respect that. BUT if something like this happened, I just wouldn't be able to get mad about it. It's too funny. Yeah, maybe some women would feel offended, violated, blah blah blah, even by a cute little moment like this, but those women probably wouldn't be riding the bike-bar-thing in the first place.

Seriously, the charm of this video is in its spontaneity and the slight strangeness of the whole situation. I don't really see it implying that slapping women is always acceptable/funny and everyone should be doing it all the time. And no dude with half a brain will suddenly start slapping butts left and right just because of some video on the internet (especially in the USA, where some women won't hesitate to sue a guy for holding a door open for them)
Picture of librabooks40 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 24. librabooks commented 10 years ago

#23 First, I never said you were a slut or ugly (I don't even know who the hell you are) but if you want to read that into what I said, then I obviously uncovered an underlying issue. Weren't you the one accusing ME of pandering to the hyper-politically correct and calling those women BITCHES??
Second, I never said you wanted to get groped all the time, I merely said that if it's what you want, so be it; to each their own.
Third, I'm sure that some of "those women" WOULD be riding the bike-bar thing because it looks like a fun thing to do, but I'm positive that the fun would be cut short by the ignorant act.
Fourth, I'm also positive that those half-brained "dudes" you speak of WILL try this at home - so to speak. It happens all the time, all over the world ("Monkey see, monkey do";)). Read or watch the news a bit (other than what the Kardashians are up to now).
Fifth, as I stated before, I'm not a hyper-politico. I DO hold the door open for ANYONE behind or in front of me. It's called "common courtesy" and it seems to be lacking these days. If it's because of these "bitches" who sue, I'm also completely against that too. Radical feminism leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Finally, before you present an argument, get your facts straight, read your data and have a clear and concise presentation of your side. It seems like you are the one who's resorting to lame tactics by making things up on the fly.
Picture of czeska16 achievements

+2 25. czeska commented 10 years ago

#24 First, I never said you said those exact things about me and meant them as a fact. Notice the word "probably" up there. But you were clearly attempting to provoke me, just wording it carefully so you'd have an excuse in case I called you out on it :D
And I don't really know who the Kardashians are - I sort of picked up that they're a bunch of sisters Americans are crazy about for some reason, but that's all.

And you're right, I didn't check my facts or think about my 'tactics'. You know why? I don't really care that much. And neither should you. This is a website for funny/awesome/interesting videos and yet here you are, ranting about a serious issue (that's only vaguely connected to the video you're commenting on), composing five point rebuttals and generally taking things waaaaay too seriously.
It IS kind of nice that you're trying to defend women's honor, but really, this isn't a place where it has a point. If you want to be a knight in shining armor, that's more than fine. But your little passive aggressive speeches here aren't really helping anything, are they?
Picture of igorot20 achievements

+2 26. igorot commented 10 years ago

19 u can't win this.....
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+3 27. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#24 Context is everything. Yes it would be different in a work environment. Yes it would be different if it was one lady. Yes it would be different if the guy just wanted to feel their arses. But in that context, in that environment, it was funny. If you can't see that then you have other issues.
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+1 28. librabooks commented 10 years ago

#25 So you "don't really care that much", yet you seem to come back a lot to answer (and the answers are not short ones so there must be a lot of thought in them). AND, if I'm "passive-aggressive" as you call me, that would be like the old adage, "The pot calling the kettle black". Reread your answers sometime. #27, context is NOT everything. Other than pre-meditation (I use that loosely), a guy shooting the head off one or more co-workers is THE SAME as a guy shooting the head off a random person or persons - Murder! The guy in the video clearly intends to slap their arses (he didn't lean out the window to slap their heads, now, did he?)