Lesson learned... the stupid way.

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Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements

+26 1. SeanzBeanz commented 12 years ago

The same burglar stole my remote control but left my TV! >:)
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+11 2. imagic commented 12 years ago

the burglar faces charges, the dumb ass with a loaded gun in his car should get death row.
Picture of beerholder29 achievements

+44 3. beerholder commented 12 years ago

Was it armed burglary BEFORE he stole the gun? I don't understand US legislation...
Picture of korahn22 achievements

+13 4. korahn commented 12 years ago

#3 - Maybe it was because he could attack someone with the bullets?
Picture of HellsVacancy40 achievements

+9 5. HellsVacancy commented 12 years ago

The robber used the gun on a different crime, then returned it
Picture of silly_sy43 achievements

+7 6. silly_sy commented 12 years ago

#5 that explains why the bullets had gone lol
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+8 7. loadrunner commented 12 years ago

The burglar should have written it on the car with something sharp.
Picture of m_otreborv38 achievements

+8 8. m_otreborv commented 12 years ago

That was a irresponsible gun owner... who has the guts to complaint to the police that incident, but afraid to face the news crew to hide his shame.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+6 9. loadme commented 12 years ago

typical american citizen.
having guns around in the first place is incredibly stupid.
almost as stupid as their justification for that: "but i need to protect me&my family from the other gunned people".

and when you complain about that fact .. they argue, "i have the right to own a gun. its in our bill of rights"

arguements and reasons make no sense here. but in the end its like talking to a 3 year old. they just dont want to understand you.
Picture of markinpa20 achievements

+4 10. markinpa commented 12 years ago

Gimme back my bullets
Put 'em back where they belong
Ain't foolin' around 'cause I done had my fun
Ain't gonna see no more damage done
Gimme back, gimme back my bullets
Oh, put 'em back... where they belong
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 11. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

#9 Since you like to constantly talk shit about the US at every chance,why don't you admit to what crap country you come from where the government controls the citizenry by not alowing you to own guns. I am guessing it is some socialist euro speck of a country,but you can clear that up right now,can't 'cha? I'm bettig you are too ashamed to say.
And by the way,it is the second amendment to the US Constitution that guarantees our right to own guns. You're just another typical silly fool who loves to whine about others..and you do whine ALOT.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

-2 12. imagic commented 12 years ago

oh brother, it is the second amendment to the US Constitution so it is right, come on sux2bu(sa) , that amendment is as old and stupid as torturing in the middle ages, but most americans don't want to see that because they want to play with their gunnie toy's
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+2 13. tastytim commented 12 years ago

#11 Help, my government is controlling me by not letting me own guns and giving me a good health care system! Damn socialists.
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+1 14. WildMonkey commented 12 years ago

The owner is a stupid retarded sack of shit douchebag.
Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements

0 15. Usdevildoggmc commented 12 years ago

My money says it was his wife or someone that personally knows the "victim".
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-1 16. ughlah commented 12 years ago

#11 that's about as stupid as a comment could get.

Why do you need a gun? To protect your home? Ever saw the statistics? You have more armed burglaries than any other highly industrialised country. You have more deadly injuries with guns than any other country in the world.

The US leads in military expenses and obesity and has the most gold medals at the olympics. That's about it. Stop ignoring that the rest of the world is doing quite well, too. In most cases better than the US.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-2 17. LightAng3l commented 12 years ago

Cheer up #11! When everything in America will grind to a halt you will have guns to shoot yourselves for water and food.
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

+1 18. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 12 years ago

#17 & We will take off our shoes and throw them at each other for water and fud :D
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 19. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

#16 "You have more armed burglaries than any other highly industrialised country."
Well there you go,you just proved my point. If home-invaders or robbers come breaking thru my door,I have something for them. But you would just have to stand there with your dic in your hand while the perps have their way with your family.
As far as violent crime per-capita,according to UK news the UK has way more violent crime than America by a long shot.

#13 Your country has one of the highest gun ownership levels of any country. Do you want to give up that freedom?

#12 Medieval torture was an European thing that was bad. The second amendment is a US thing that is good. See the difference? Nah,you don't; liberals never see the point until the enemy is at the door.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

-3 20. imagic commented 12 years ago

#19 you never will admid you are wrong with your gunnie toy's will you( well, your avatar sais enough anyway.) A lot of americans love their guns and when people are shot you all start whining. The real threat to this world at this moment is not al qaida anymore, neighter is it Iran, it is the armed dictatorship of the US of fucking A ( yeah, the same country which created the biggest economical crises ever )

But if you like to do so, just keep saying everything with your guns and be happy with it, because a law sais you may have one. But then never complain when innocent people are shot, because you obvious do not care about that over there.
Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements

0 21. ridebmxx3 commented 12 years ago

he must be the guy lol
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-1 22. Judge-Jake commented 12 years ago

The answer is make everyone hand in their guns melt em down and make nuclear weapons out of them. Simple eek :D
Picture of imagic42 achievements

-2 24. imagic commented 12 years ago

you just believe all that propaganda just like the germans did believe someone elses in 1938 do you sux2bu(sa) ? If those people tell you Elvis is still alive you probably would believe it too. >:)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 25. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

Zeromagic,you must not understand the definition of propaganda. Hitler,Stalin,and Mao all understood that dis-arming the populace was the first step to taking total control,and that is exactly what they did. Maybe your schools didn't teach you that sorry lesson,but my school did. The Germans never dominated the US like they did your country.
Make sure to hide and call the police for help while a couple of thugs have their way with your family.When seconds count,the police are only minutes away. You have always been taught that only police and military should have weapons,I guess you have been totally indoctrinated in that belief,too bad.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

-2 26. imagic commented 12 years ago

there are other weapons than guns for that. but i guess most people are to chicken for that.......... the germans didn't domminate your country like they did ours, maybe your country should have had thát lesson also, but be glad you didn't have it.

i must admid i had to laugh about this one
stupid ad but great sence of humor,,, hehe
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+1 27. Sizzlik (admin) commented 12 years ago

Guys please..would you stop now? You both have an opinion..and both have valid points of view. And now you begin to swift away to history :P
Nobody can change the others opinion.
Lets put it this way..the guy in the video is without a doubt irresponible for keeping a loaded gun in his open car...many americans like to own guns (and many dont)..and non-americans often dont understand american gun laws.
You all know the saying "Guns dont kill people..people kill people" ..if nobody would have guns..the burglars would come with knifes and baseball bats...or even selfmade crossbows :P
So owning a gun is not a sollution..neither is not having one. The main problem is somewhere accept each others opinion and move on =)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 28. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

But the debate is so much fun,and everybody gets to air their own opinion.Some opinions are correct (mine :D )and some are not (his) but it still is a hoot.
Picture of imagic42 achievements

0 29. imagic commented 12 years ago

rofl, your first part is right sux2bu(sa) but you twisted the opinions around ;)

@sizzlik,, what's wrong with a new snotr channel ? the snotr history channel, say goodbey to good old discovery channel >:)
Picture of Analizethat15 achievements

0 30. Analizethat commented 12 years ago

First of all i have to say there's a few stupid and pointless comments here. Secondly, i think no one should fight violence with violence, UNLESS, you don't have any chance but to shoot someone in order to save your own life or your loved ones. I don't live in USA but i know there's a lot of crazy people there and there's more chance to get killed than in my country so i would own a gun too if i was an american but i would keep it away from everyone and only use it if i hadn't any better option. Everyone who uses guns for anything else in my point of view are the most paranoid, dangerous and unstable people.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 31. sux2bu commented 12 years ago

#30 You said, "Everyone who uses guns for anything else in my point of view are the most paranoid, dangerous and unstable people."

So using a gun to hunt for food or just going target shooting to improve your skills is only for paranoid,dangerous and unstable people?
I beg to differ with that unsound statement. Shooting sports are even included in the Olympics so I guess not everyone in the world has the same opinion as you. Thank Goodness.