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Thumbnail of 21 september 2019

21 september 2019

Published 292 days ago in Short films. Submitted by Niek

Thumbnail of Florida crocs

Florida crocs

Published 301 days ago in Animals. Submitted by Niek

Always a nice scenery in Everglades National Park :D

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Thumbnail of Smoking cones

Smoking cones

Published 306 days ago in Weird. Submitted by Niek

This kid is doing it wrong :x

Thumbnail of Catching a phone in rollercoaster

Catching a phone in rollercoaster

Published 309 days ago in Awesome. Submitted by Niek

Catching a flying phone at 134 KM/h... :x

Thumbnail of Palm tree on fire

Palm tree on fire

Published 310 days ago in Nature. Submitted by Niek

That didn't go as planned :x