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Thumbnail of METHANE ROCKET TEST (Nasa)


Published 10 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Usdevildoggmc

Remember... our own body produces this stuff every single day!!

Thumbnail of Sci-Fi RailGun, for real

Sci-Fi RailGun, for real

Published 11 years ago in Other. Submitted by Usdevildoggmc

December 10, 2010 - Demo video - World Record U.S. Navy. Projectile speeds - Electomagnetic current acceleration MACH 7 (1.712 km/h or 1064 mph) Distance: 100+ Miles (150+ km) GPS Accuracy. Current Navy guns reach 13 miles (21 km). A Single Tomahawk missile costs around $6 Millio…
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Thumbnail of Instant HOT ICE

Instant HOT ICE

Published 11 years ago in Weird. Submitted by Usdevildoggmc

Heat... to COLD!

Thumbnail of Can I get a napkin please?

Can I get a napkin please?

Published 11 years ago in Pranks. Submitted by Usdevildoggmc

Ever wanted your life to be in a musical?

Thumbnail of METEOR!


Published 11 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by Usdevildoggmc

Another meteor getting owned by our atmosphere.