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Thumbnail of Crabs!


Published 3 years ago in Animals. Submitted by cameramaster

Passengers shriek in horror as giant live crabs flood airport baggage claim carousel after they escaped from container. Travellers were in for a surprise when they went to collect their luggage after their flight. Passengers found a large number of crabs had joined their bags on the carousel at baggage claim. The rotating crustaceans were captured on cellphone video. Though it is not positive where the footage was shot, one commentator suggested it took place in New York City.

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Thumbnail of Tugboat saves the day

Tugboat saves the day

Published 3 years ago in Vehicles. Submitted by cameramaster

The crew of tugboat heroically rescued a huge passenger ferry by pushing it off course as it plunged headlong towards the harbour wall, potentially preventing a deadly disaster. The tugboat crew risked their lives as they sandwiched themselves between the pier wall and the enormous ship owned by Finnish ferry company Eckerö Line which was carrying holiday makers.

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Thumbnail of Paraglider crashes to Earth...and lives

Paraglider crashes to Earth...and lives

Published 3 years ago in Accidents. Submitted by cameramaster

Terrifying moment a screaming paraglider plunged to earth desperately struggling with his tangled parachute then crashed through trees and hit the ground. Daredevil's reserve chute got tangled up with the glider as the craft spiralled down. The man thrashed around in a desperate …
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Thumbnail of Owl be seeing you

Owl be seeing you

Published 3 years ago in Inspirational. Submitted by cameramaster

Two guys help a owl who got caught up in a net.

Thumbnail of There's a loose moose aboot this hoose.

There's a loose moose aboot this hoose.

Published 3 years ago in Russia. Submitted by cameramaster

I wasn't sure which category this should be in, Russia, animals, weird...or what !

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