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Thumbnail of 'You can't wait here!'

'You can't wait here!'

Published 1 year ago in Ownage. Submitted by cameramaster

A tourist's misunderstanding of what bungy jumping involves made for a hilarious mix of chanting, directions from instructors and a seemingly endless waiting game on the Kawarau Bridge near
Queenstown. At one point an instructor tells her: "You need to go that way, you're going to jump forward, you need to go, you can't wait here."
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Thumbnail of 'You got it, Finn'

'You got it, Finn'

Published 2 years ago in Other. Submitted by cameramaster

Mischievous moment toddler helps his baby brother escape from his crib by placing a chair inside and showing him to climb out. A cheeky toddler has been filmed helping his little brother escape from his crib, the Baby monitor footage shows the pair devise an elaborate plan to escape
The older brother carries a plastic chair cross the room and puts it in the crib, He then demonstrates to his little brother Finn how to climb onto it and out, Finn climbs onto the chair then his older brother pulls him over the edge of the crib, before they both fall onto the carpet floor, and hug in celebration.
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Thumbnail of 10,000 iPhones

10,000 iPhones

Published 4 years ago in Weird. Submitted by cameramaster

What to do when you just 'happen' to have 10,000 spare iPhones!

Thumbnail of 41-POINT TURN


Published 3 years ago in Vehicles. Submitted by cameramaster

Problems getting your car out of a parking space?

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Thumbnail of 84 year old Singer/ songwriter

84 year old Singer/ songwriter

Published 3 years ago in Other. Submitted by cameramaster

84 year old guy slays the judges and audience on talent show with his own song.