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Thumbnail of Don't interrupt grandpa's chat...

Don't interrupt grandpa's chat...

Published 7 years ago in Weird. Submitted by dushan

...bad things could happen :D

Thumbnail of Solution for global warming...

Solution for global warming...

Published 7 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by dushan

She is a genius :D

Thumbnail of Duo Maintenant

Duo Maintenant

Published 7 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by dushan

The International Artist Agency

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Thumbnail of House Explosion

House Explosion

Published 9 years ago in Accidents. Submitted by dushan

Firemen accidentally set off a massive blast...

Thumbnail of Storytelling Of Science

Storytelling Of Science

Published 5 years ago in Science. Submitted by dushan

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and George ( Georgium Sidus ) :D