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Thumbnail of Spitting Billy Goat

Spitting Billy Goat

Published 9 years ago in Animals. Submitted by proatwork

A goat answers some politics related questions

Thumbnail of Kopps - Benny's Dream II

Kopps - Benny's Dream II

Published 10 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by proatwork

another extract from the swedish movie "Kopps" :)

Thumbnail of French ERYX Misfire

French ERYX Misfire

Published 11 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by proatwork

Infantry firing a French made ERYX anti-tank missile. An obvious FAIL :)

Thumbnail of Log pwns human

Log pwns human

Published 12 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by proatwork

A very talented log thrower.
Warning: foul language