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Thumbnail of Exploding fireworks factory

Exploding fireworks factory

Published 12 years ago in Accidents

Video footage of the explosion of a Dutch fireworks factory in 2000. 22 people were killed and 947 were wounded by the explosion.

Thumbnail of Look Around You - Maths

Look Around You - Maths

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

First episode of the TV show Look Around You.

Thumbnail of T-shirt folding machine

T-shirt folding machine

Published 12 years ago in Documentary

A great invention to make your hard life easier. Very useful >:)

Thumbnail of Parkour escape

Parkour escape

Published 12 years ago in Ownage

A great parkour scene from the French movie Banlieue 13.

Thumbnail of RC drifting

RC drifting

Published 12 years ago in Vehicles

Radio controlled cars drifting around a race course.