Map of Europe - 1000 A.D. to present day

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Picture of bella131 achievements
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-17 1. bella1 commented 11 years ago

Germany spread like a disease
Picture of Spartan11832 achievements

+12 2. Spartan118 commented 11 years ago

Pretty interesting, especially how it looked like only 2 countries didnt change very much during that entire time: England and France.
Picture of mosfet2333 achievements

+14 3. mosfet23 commented 11 years ago

All that toil by conquering forces for nothing but a temporary line on a map.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+66 4. loadme commented 11 years ago

missing a time reference for every frame! :)
Picture of kekke200037 achievements

+37 5. kekke2000 commented 11 years ago

Every small change on the map means many people dead.
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+7 6. cameramaster commented 11 years ago

#4 Just what I was thinking ....a counter showing the years as they went by would have added to the interest, Still good mind....very interesting..

#2...What about Scotland! grrr
Picture of Dendybar39 achievements

+3 7. Dendybar commented 11 years ago

Agree with #4. Would like to see some years for reference :)
Picture of orion27 achievements

+4 8. orion commented 11 years ago

Germany was seriously fragmented for most of the history - during WW1/WW2 they must have been overcompensating for their past.
Picture of iguasu10 achievements

+10 9. iguasu commented 11 years ago

all those deaths, for nothing...
Picture of MrG31 achievements

+4 10. MrG commented 11 years ago

Incredible that small nations like Litchenstein and Luxemburg have survived when hundreds of other small nations disappeared into larger countries.
Picture of LobsterKing38 achievements

+8 11. LobsterKing commented 11 years ago

Portugal is a Rock almost the entire time, almost no change at all!
Picture of BarraMacAnna29 achievements

+3 12. BarraMacAnna commented 11 years ago

#9..nothing for the greed and pointless hatred..BUT..heroism and rebellion is quite different...we would have seen a LOT of unchanged colour (and expansion) if it wasn't for your country's past are here because of them #4 & #7, 3:0=1916 (our freedom, that's all I know)

Unfortunately it has always been a Game of Thrones


Picture of cooss21 achievements

+1 14. cooss commented 11 years ago

i think this video is cropped. i believe there had been a time reference and "some" more regions, you can see some of the names of the east countries (present day Iran) have their names cropped.
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+1 15. Thanny commented 11 years ago

It's important to realize that nationhood didn't exist for most of this video, with arguable exceptions for France and England after a short while into it.

Germany, for example, didn't exist as anything like a nation until 1871, when Bismarck pulled a Qin Shi Huang on pretty much all Germanic regions of Europe save Austria.

Borders, governments, and constitutions are late-comers. Most of the "borders" in the video are placeholders for the zones of influence among squabbling "nobles" or barbarian hordes.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 16. ughlah commented 11 years ago

Only one question comes to my mind: Why do we need countries and borders?
Picture of spynode40 achievements

+1 17. spynode commented 11 years ago

#1 I would say that about Russia. Totally according to this video.
Picture of psBigFanSnotr16 achievements

+4 18. psBigFanSnotr commented 11 years ago

Poor Hungarians...
Picture of Cloe41 achievements

-1 19. Cloe commented 11 years ago

yeah yeah righhhttt HUNGARY was there:))))))) along with transilvanya ... i call this bullshit ! TRAIASCA ROMANIA MARE!
Picture of Afalari33 achievements

+2 20. Afalari commented 11 years ago

Agreed #17. I'm originally from Estonia and know too well what those mongol-neanderhal gangs from the east do to other nations. Have done in the past and keep doing in the future. No matter who's their leader.
Picture of Tarc37 achievements

+2 21. Tarc commented 11 years ago

#19, not this anti-Hungarian kind of Romanian hatespeech again... how much more can you deny history and facts? Embrace that you are living in a more-or-less peaceful Europe now; we accepted our faith and look how much we shrank...
Picture of Rathor33 achievements

-1 22. Rathor commented 11 years ago

#21: Romania (Dacia) was the first here, NOT Hungary ! Read the real historical facts before you write such BS !!! Long live to ROMANIA !!!
Picture of Cloe41 achievements

-2 23. Cloe commented 11 years ago

tarc...long live romania! I don't hate anyone, except liars! shut the fuck up about history, my nation is one of the first civilizations on earth, yours it may be as old as mine, but you are from mongolian steps. THAT is the real history and the real truth.I don't hate present day hungarians(except liars), i have some hungarian friends and we get along very well, is the old ones that make me angry , the ones that enslaved, tortured and killed many romanians from transilvania , the ones who put romanians like horses on their wagons and wipped them with lashes. One of these people was my great great grandfather. so yeah fuck of with these lies, that HUNGARY was here before us !
Picture of dannodon36 achievements

0 24. dannodon commented 11 years ago

3:08 Russia/Soviet gone crazy!
Picture of LaoMa28 achievements

+1 25. LaoMa commented 11 years ago

#19, #22, Hungary really was there in 1000 AD, where this video starts. After all, they did their conquests somewhere around 900 AD.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

+2 26. moskwiz commented 11 years ago

YAAY! Estonia was free for the last 6 seconds!!! :D